Yoshi's Island Gone Wrong

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Back in my childhood, I owned a SNES and enjoyed playing classic games that were huge hits back then like Super Mario World, Mario Kart, occasionally Donkey Kong Country, and Yoshi's Island. Those were the good old days and I'm sad that things are so different nowadays.

16 years later (2012), I have cleaned out my closet in my old room and found the SNES and all my childhood games burried under a bunch of other junk I had been collecting over time. I decided to hook up my old SNES to my new TV set in the room that I sleep in now to relieve the magic of my childhood. I decided to play Yoshi's Island, so I grabbed the game out

of the pile of the other old games

and noticed something rather odd about it. The sticker on the cartridge didn't look the way I remembered it with Yoshi and Baby Mario facing a Nepeanut on a puddle, instead it was just a picture of Baby Mario riding Yoshi in a red background and the logo just said, "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island". I set the game up anyway and the "Nintendo Presents" logo was normal, but then I noticed something strange. The intro when the stork is carrying Baby Mario and Baby Luigi across the sky wasn't there, it just cut to the title screen where it rotates around the island with all the mountains on it, where the Yoshi's Island logo is faced up to you. I thought this was just a minor glitch for not playing the game for more than a decade, so I just proceeded to my own save file where I left off, Flie 1. The Game was 100% complete.

I went over to explore level one, but this was when things got even stranger. There were no shy guys or other background enemies walking around, and as I ran through the level, the charm started to fade away. The plants were decaying, the plattforms and rocks started turning mossy, the sky was turning gray, and the music was getting slow and depressing. Eventually, the music stopped. It was just dead silence. Not knowing what to do about it, I went over to one of the assistant boxes that you talk to to get hints in levels, but the text said something very abnormal, "Prepare for shock" All of a sudden, a door popped up. I went through it, and I ended up in a sinister area that felt too dark for a Yoshi game or even a Mario game's standards. It was an area that was over a pool of red liquid surrounding dead skeletons. The level also had strange looking trees, giant bubbles floating around, a pitch black sky, toadies flying around with morbid looks in their eyes, and the background music was a distorted low pitched clarinet song. One of the demonic looking toadies zoomed down and stole baby Mario from me. I stuck Yoshi's long tounge out to try to save him, but I accidentally ended up swallowing him automatically. Yoshi then spewed out Mario's cap, along with other pixelated red stuff that looked like baby Mario's remains. Then, Yoshi had that nervous face expression he had when he is about to fight the giant frog it the 3rd world and stared at me with that face. After a few seconds of him staring at me with that terrified look, that scary "Game Over" music from Yoshi's Story was playing in the background. Then the screen went black, I was really freaked out at this point.

Then it cut back to the map, this time looking more satanic than usual, and the music wasn't playing anymore. I reluctantly went over to the next level, and when I entered it, the caption said, " You could not save him." Yoshi took five seconds later than usual to pop out , and when he did, I noticed baby Mario wasn't on his back because of what happened in the previous level. This level just looked like a piece of land floating in the middle of nowhere with the background from the chain chomp level, and there was still no sound of music in the background. Lakitu then flew by and dropped a door next to me to enter it. I entered the door hoping nothing freaky was gonna happen anymore, but when the door closed behind Yoshi as he entered it, a huge flash of lightning flashed on the screen, which seemed to have changed the sky color red and demonic. All you can hear from outside was a monster roaring and chewing on something, and I heard Yoshi's "Owowowowowowowowowow!!!" scream from the future games. It sounded as if the poor Yoshi was being mauled.

The screen then got all scratchy and cut to a red background, showing a badly injured Yoshi with a bloody black eye, a bloody nose, a crooked leg, and a deep scar on it's tail. The injured looking Yoshi was just walking around with a blank, emotionless expression on it's face for five minutes, with no audio at all as if the game was on mute, which it wasn't. The Yoshi then stopped walking and began to stare at me, with that same blank expression for six seconds, and then flipped me off. The game then shut off by itself. I was in deep shock from what I just saw.

Later that night, when I was about to go to sleep, I heard something on my bed right next to me breathing, and I opened my eyes to see what it was. It appeared to be Yoshi.

Credited to Ericeee10
Originally uploaded on July 29, 2012

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