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Xelex (pronounced as Zel-ex) is a creature of limitless power. He is a creature, shrouded in a cloak of mysteries. No one knows about him, until now. Out of the millions of people he slaughtered, I survived. I am the only one to survive this horrible, ancient creature. He makes even Zalgo look like nothing. This creature, is real, and I am not lying. It is that I am the only one to ever survive to tell the tale. So here it goes.

What the symbol on the rock looked like. The red I think was stained blood.

I was seventeen at the time of the event, and it all started at 2007.

It was a bright winter day in the woods. I looked up at the sky and sighed. It was a bit cloudy, but the sun stood high and proud. I began to walk deeper in to the woods. The only thing to accompany me in this journey is the sound of the crunching snow under my boots. I remember finding this tall grey tree, something about it gave me a shiver, and it was not the wind. I looked all around this grey piece of history until I found something. A rock, it was flat, with a marking of an X and a spiral on it in red. There was also four more letters, under the X was an E, right of the X was L, above the X was E, and left of the X was an X. Looking at the rock made me feel very uneasy, and so I threw it at the tree and the rock shattered. I couldn't have done that, unless that was some weak rock.

I started to walk back to my house. On the way their, I swear I heard whispers around me. It said, "Big mistake (my name Censored)." It was faint whispering though, but I can barely make it out.

I finally got to my house, mom was starting to cook dinner, and my father was reading the newspaper, as usual. I went upstairs to my bedroom. This is when things started getting really weird. I was welcomed to my room with a gust of cold air and a sense of dread. The heat was off in my room, and so I turned it on. I looked on the pillow. Their, that very same rock that I found at the woods, the same symbol and everything. Their was a note on the side to, and it read:

"I am the one who strikes fear in to all. Everything fears me. Where is your "god" now? I am Xelex, I am fear, and all fears me. The end is nigh."

By reading that, I was shocked, scared all to hell. I never believed in monsters, and so I thought this "Xelex" was just a serial killer or a stalker. We called the police. They searched every square inch of the home and property. Nothing was found. Not even a tiny clue or piece of evidence could be found, except the rock and letter. The police took the evidence and said that they needed to evaluate it.

One week later, once again, another rock, same symbol and another letter on my pillow, I was too scared to even touch the letter, but, curiosity got the best of me. I grabbed the letter, and it read:

" You think the police can save you? Pathetic. I am limitless power. Only a sad mortal would ever think of that. Face it, your doomed. You are mine, and so is the rest of the world. Go ahead, call the police, watch what happens."

I called the police again. I live in the middle of the woods, so police take a bit to come. After fifteen minutes of waiting, I heard the cop car pull up. I heard yelling, and gun shots. I looked out the window, and to my horror, I saw a massive creature of pure black. It had two eye sockets, with only a blue light coming from it. It had no mouth, yet, it spoke. A tentacle grew out of its back, and smashed the cop car. The police unleashed bullet after bullet, with no avail. The creature laughed and said with a low, echo like voice, " No one and nothing can match my power. I am Xelex. All shall fear me." Then blue beams shot out of his sockets at the police. Their was nothing left of the police or the police car after the beam. He then said, "Even Zalgo fears me." And that was it.

Zalgo was one of Lovecraft's creatures he wrote about. I could never imagine anything more powerful than Zalgo, from what I have heard about him. I didn't even think Zalgo existed. I couldn't believe my ears when Xelex said that. Before I could think of any thing else, a small tentacle shot out and hit the house. The house's walls were being infected with this shadowy goo. I ran out of the house, with my family in it. I felt so guilty. I heard screams of agony as the house was engulfed in the darkness. I had to do something. I searched and my pocket and I found a lighter. I ran towards one of the walls untouched by the darkness and lit it.

I now live in an apartment building all by my self. To this day, guilt and dread haunts me. I think of suicide almost every day. After the house burnt down, I remember Xelex saying, "You (named censored), you are one of the bravest mortal I have seen. You have earned life for a little while. So enjoy it while you can." Then he laughed. I remember him then shrinking in to a human like form in a dark cloak, and threw a rock with the symbol on it, and on the back, it said, " I shall return to this wretched planet." I lost that rock a long time ago.

That was a true story. You can believe it or not, and call me crazy, but all I care is that this story spreads and the truth remains. For all we know, he could be watching you, through your fear.

Credited to Chriswalt

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