Video Game Hell: Damned

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I was cast down into eternal abyss; falling through smoke and fire. As I fell into shadow I was met with several depictions that were all the same, something familiar to my eyes that brought terror to my heart. Falling along with me, creating a perfect circle were several Mario characters. They all resembled the Mario from the Super Mario 64 Haunting; each stabbed repeatedly, each having a noose wrapped around their neck and each with their eyes and mouths sown shut.

As I fell and screamed they did as well, their ceaseless wails gave my mind no peace. Something in the darkness grabbed hold of me, bringing my rapid decent to a halt. The Mario characters also stopped their fall and each had their sown faces transfixed upon me. I could feel an icy grip on my wrists and ankles. I tried to force myself free from their freezing touch out of pure instinct. They were too strong for me to handle. My body and mind had become a frantic mess. Beneath my calls for freedom and to be released I could hear a sinister laugh echoing through the darkness around me.

My fear turned to an immense pain when I felt my left leg being pulled. I looked down at it as well as I could. It stretched farther and farther until the skin began to rip from my hip, muscle began to tear and bone began to break. My leg was torn completely off. I screamed in agony as loud as my lungs would allow me, and I continued screaming when I felt the same pain coming from my right leg. I closed my eyes tight and tried once more to pull myself away from the demons that were torturing me in such a horrific way. My right leg was removed from my body. I opened my eyes. Blood poured from me by the gallons. A large chunk of bone stuck from my right leg along with the veins and muscle that hung from the massive wound.

Next, it was my left arm. The Mario's around me started to laugh through their sown mouths, finding some sick enjoyment from my torment. I watched as my left arm was lost to me. I could see pieces of bone sticking from the socket where my arm used to be as more blood squirted from my body. I felt the grip on my right wrist grow ever more powerful. I tried to free it from the evil hand that had me trapped but through the pain I had no will, no strength to fight. My skin stretched out as far as it could; I braced myself. Through torn skin I could see muscle ripping and exposed bone. Blood seeped from my shoulder in a matter of moments. Finally, it was removed in the most gruesome fashion imaginable.

I clenched my teeth and screamed. I began to fall again, but was caught before I went to far by the hands. As I was held there, suspended in the darkness, something in the distance came towards me. A shadow that crept through the fire, that almost seemed as though it came to be from the smoke. It was the demonic Link that I had seen outside of the Hyrule Castle Market in Ocarina of Time. He made his way to me with his satanic Master Sword in his left hand. His black tunic was not burned by the flames as he passed through them as if it were common habit. While he drew closer I could make out his grayish skin tone, which well complimented his dark hair that blew ceaselessly in the breeze, which I didn't have the pleasure to feel. With each step that Link took through the gloom and despair my heart pounded harder and harder, and thus it began to use what strength it had left.

He stopped when he came to me. I looked into his glowing red eyes for what felt to me like hours upon hours. He had no pupils, no retinas, they were just red eyes that I could only see my reflection through. He gripped his sword tighter and grinned. The Master Sword, once known to me as the blade of evil's bane, was driven through my beating heart. I closed my eyes again, clenched my teeth harder and took in deep breaths, one every moment. I felt the sword sliding through my innards as it sliced down my body all the way to my abdomen. He brutally removed the sword from me.

"Open your eyes." He commanded.

I followed his instruction and again saw my mutilated body in his eyes. Breathing grew more and more strenuous; it took all of my energy. He swung the sword like a bat through my neck, effectively decapitating me. My body sank down into the depths below, leaving only my head in the shadows above.

He gripped my head with his right hand and held me to him. It's a strange feeling, being without a body. Imagine trying to move your arms and legs and not being able to. I could not breath or speak; all I could do is think, blink and spit blood from my mouth. It was horrific for me to know that I was dying in such a way that I felt a lone tear slide its way down my right cheek. Before releasing me, before letting be join my destroyed body in the world below, he spoke to me with a clear, yet violent, tone. "Both you and your love will suffer here for eternity." A black mist began to surround him. It reminded me of the Mario death scene from Super Mario 64. He smiled as he dropped me and I fell, bodiless, into Hell itself.

I stood on the small isle at the center of Lake Hylia, directly above the entrance to the Water Temple. My body had been reborn. I looked at myself, examining my limbs and clutching my neck. It felt good to breath again. The air here was foul, however. This was Lake Hylia, but all of its previous majesty was long gone. A black fog covered everything in site, engulfing all that it touched. The water had been turned into tar, and beneath I could make out the faint figures of those trapped underneath. They were trying desperately to pull themselves from underneath the black, sticky substance, but there was no way possible for them to accomplish it. They would be stuck underneath forever.

The grass was all dead, and the tree behind me was on fire. Hanging from the tree, on burning ropes were members of the Zora tribe, those who I also believed lived underneath the tar. With them were actual people who groaned, screamed, and swung back and forth from their torment. I looked up, and high into the sky I saw that an eclipse had taken hold of this world. Normally, in Ocarina of Time, the sun and moon moved rather quickly across the sky, but these two were stuck in place above black clouds which ruled the sky with dominance. Echoing across the world I heard somebody calling out to me. It was her, my girlfriend and love. Link had told me that she here, and hearing her voice I knew that it was true.

The girlfriend outside of this world was no longer the woman I loved, but a shell, or better yet, a harbinger for the evil that controlled the system. She called my name. My head began to hurt. I felt a presence very close to me. I turned and saw the apparition floating a few feet away. I jumped back, pulling myself away from whatever new evil this was. But when I got a closer look I almost couldn't believe it. It was Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. She appeared to me as she did in the keep, eyes and mouth sown shut and with multiple woulds. The cross and robe were gone, but they left imprints on her body. She was faded; I could see right through her.

"You have come to a dark place, friend." Her voice, though immaculate, had a pain to me that almost brought a tear to my eye. "This is a world of great evil, where darkness rules, and the pure of heart are bare witness to immortal punishment."

"What do you want from me?" I asked her with a tremble in my tone. "Why have I been brought here?" "You have angered Him, lord of this world and our hereafter. He, whom has created this world with his fury and sorrow, his darkness and despair. I am here as your guide through this; the world of the damned."

I at last asked the question that had been on my mind since my first steps into this world. "Is this Hell? Or some form of it?"

"It is not the Hell that Christian's and other Religions would find typical. It is a world created by one of the most powerful demons to ever exist; one whom lived in the Underworld, but escaped to create his own. The souls that you have seen here, that you have seen die and reborn without a moments notice, were those that he had stolen from your world, and brought here."

"I see." I sobbed. "So, where are you taking me, Zelda?"

She gripped my hand. "I'm taking you to receive your punishment!"

I felt a burning sensation all throughout my body. I shrieked, struggled, and dropped to one knee. Smoke came from my ears and mouth. I was being burning from the inside. My skin turned red and I could feel my blood starting to boil. I grew hotter. I could no longer scream. Zelda laughed at my misery. The flames came through my feet and worked there way up my body. Soon, all that was left was my head. I turned to ash, and again, I had died.

I had a dream, or sort of nightmare. I saw the child Link, the actual Link, nailed to a cross in the center of the Temple of Time, within the room where you had received the Master Sword initially. The nails were forced into his wrists and feet, blood dripped from him like a broken sink. The Temple of Time itself had been drastically altered. Hanging from the ceiling, above Link's cross, were several more, all upside down in a satanic way. The stone walls and ground were all painted black. Drawn in blood along the walls and floor was a symbol of sorts, something that I had never in my life seen. The outermost layer was a square. Within the square was a triangle and circle, both overlapping the other. Going through all three shapes was an X. I recognized these shapes almost immediately. They were the buttons on a Playstation controller. It was a sort of meaning, and reminded me specifically of Satan and his pentagram.

Surrounding Link, all nailed to the stone wall above the symbols were the tortured Kokiri children. The manner of death was based on gender. The males were all gutted and had their intestines and stomach pulled out to hang from them. Some were missing arms, or legs, that laid underneath them. That wasn't the most disgusting part, however. Both of their eyeballs were gone from their heads. After getting a closer look at their bodies I could see that there stomachs were slit open, and inside I saw a pair of eyeballs. Their eyes were gouged out and then they were forced to swallow them whole. It was a gruesome image.

The females had something perhaps even worse done to them. All the Kokiri girls were nailed by their throat and stomach. They had their legs, arms and faces all skinned, with fresh blood still coming off of their bodies. Some of their muscle had been chewed off and I could see exposed bone sticking from the missing areas. Others had nails jammed into their eyes, which was nothing like the typical sowing of the eyelids which had become a sort of theme in my life, as they were also held open before the act was committed.

The child Link in the center of the grizzly murders strenuously tried to pull his impaled wrists from the nails, but he couldn't, no matter how hard he tried. He grunted and moaned in pain, clenched his teeth and tried again. The room grew darker. There were footsteps coming from the entrance. Link's eyes boggled from his head. "No!" The legendary hero tried even harder to pull his wrists from the nails. The footsteps grew louder. Link frees his arms! Blood trickled from the wounds, covering his hands and arms in a crimson mess. He reached down, and with both hands he pulled the nail from his feet. He fell from the cross and onto the hard floor. The footsteps came closer and closer to Link. He tried to stand, but the wounds in his feet forced him to fall over.

He crawled and gripped the Kokiri Sword that laid at the base of the floor. Through the door came him, the black mass. This scene reminded me so much of the Mario death that I would swear it was some sort of message. Link held his sword upwards and pointed the tip of the blade at him. The black mass' laugh echoed loudly through the once sacred hall. Everything around Link became black.

The mass surrounded Link like a devilish fog, the hero was lifted high into the air and slammed face first onto the ground. It then proceeded to slam Link into the wall to the left, then to the right, and then it threw him into the ceiling. Link floated over to the stain glass window near the ceiling. The stain glass now showed Link and Mario both with eyes and mouths sown shut and laying in a bloody pool of death.

Link was flung back to the floor. The momentum of the throw caused him to roll several feet after landing to the base of the cross. Link's face was covered in blood, his nose and lips were both busted. He also had a large gash above his right eye that went all the way down his cheek. Link was pushed back to the floor and forced down. The stain glass shattered above him and shards of glass came down onto him like heavy rain, cutting through clothes, flesh and tissue, but not once did it touch any major area that could have killed him. Link was brought back up to his knees. The Kokiri sword floated to him. Its tip stuck into the gas above the right eye. The sword extended the gash across his forehead, down his left cheek and across his jaw until it met with the bottom of his right cheek. Link's face was ripped clean off.

His piercing cries extended to all corners of Hyrule, I thought at that moment. The muscle underneath his face was torn apart; I could see portions of his skull around where his lips once were and by his cheeks. He was again lifted into the air, this time slammed right in front of the cross. A needle was taken and his eyes and mouth were sown completely shut, as if it mattered now.

Link laid there, blood dripping down the small staircase that once went to the Pedestal of Time. The cross rose into the air. The bottom was made into a tip similar to that of the Master Sword. It hovered over Link for a moment. With a laugh, the black mass brought the cross down through Link's chest, blood splattered from his body and drenched the area around him. Link laid there, broken, torn apart and bloody, and still he breathed. All those who would remain here and be tortured for eternity... was this Link's torture?

I remember feeling a sudden sadness overcoming me. A strange chill going down my spine, and the the feeling of goosebumps along my arms and legs. Everything around me transformed before my eyes. After a few moments, the world around me had turned into a demonic version of the "Bowser in the Dark World" stage in Super Mario 64, in the room where you battle Bowser. In this area, the sick and ill laid before me. Some of them were real life humans. Others, I once thought of a video game NPC's, but now I look at them in a different light. It was strange that I would find the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog here, and it now appeared that the N64 characters were not the only ones were brought here.

Dr. Eggman stood before the strapped down Hedgehog, vomiting into his mouth. It was disgusting. While Sonic gagged and spat the vomit from him, so did the dying around me. Sonic looked at me with bloodshot eyes and asked for me to kill him. Sonic the Hedgehog was the first video game that I had ever played. A tear rolled down my cheek. I really felt as though that I was shown that for a reason. The stench there was unbearable. I began to feel sick. I clutched my stomach and dropped to both my knees. I too began to vomit. My puke was not the same as the others; I threw up my blood. Before me appeared my ghostly guide; Zelda.

"He has great interest in you." She told me.

"Who is He?" I begged to ask. I saw a smile creep onto the Princess's face. "God, of course. Some think that he is Ganondorf, King of Evil. Others once believed he was Bowser until he too was tortured and punished. He gave us all true life. Brought us into the real world; no longer were we just playthings to you people."

"You're a video game character." I blew up at her. "That's why you were created! For our entertainment!"

"You used us for your games. We lived the same lives over and over again, and for what? So you could have your fun?" She turned to look at me. "Now, look at you. This is our revenge. We will fight back, and we will burn the world."

"And then what?" I asked her. "Then what will happen?"

"We will inherit the Earth He told us. Long before God and Satan have their clash; WE will take the world for ourselves and make it into a paradise for others like us."

"Other video game characters?"

"If you want to put it in such a way..." Zelda paused. "Yes."

"Then why punish those like you?" I asked.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. "Those are the ones who rebelled. Mario, Peach, Bowser even. They all stood against us. Once He gave us consciousness I guess that... He gave us freewill as well."

Zelda turned away from me. I never knew that such a thing could happen, or that anything like this could exist. High above I spotted the Mario's, once again lowering from the abyss. The laughing returned. In the center of the Mario's was the black mass. Out of fear I leaped off of the platform and into the darkness. I didn't care how long I fell or where I landed, I just needed to escape that horrid mass that had been following me for so long.

I landed at the starting point in "Bowser and the Fire Sea" unharmed. Lava sprayed over this world like rain, however not a drop of it touched me. The ghouls from Kakariko Village returned to my mind as they were the NPC's that burned in the lava, screaming and calling out for my help. Their image was repeated continuously, and they melted into the lava with real life men and women. Suddenly, bats rose from the lava, drenched in flame. Fire Keese! I literally could not believe my eyes. They tried to attack me, to push me into the lava with the others so that I could suffer there for eternity. I had no choice; I ran.

From platform to platform I leaped, trying to escape the swift Fire Keese. From all sides they kept appearing and chasing after me. My legs began to feel like jello, I wouldn't be able to run much longer. I needed some sort of help or aid, something that could help me drive them back or kill them. They let out screeches so loud that I felt a strong pain throbbing in my head. Finally, I came to a dead end. Inadvertently, I ran to the area where you fight the Big Bully for a star in the game. I was trapped.

The Keese all circled around me. What was I to do? Was this really going to be how it all ended? I heard someone calling out to me... a voice so familiar that I felt depressed. My love screamed my name, and from the sky a sword fell before me. It was the Master Sword, in all of its glory. I took it in hand and began to fight the Keese. The will to fueled me as if I were an empty glass and I was able to dispatch them all. I fell to the floor after they were all finished off.

I closed my eyes. I felt myself drifting off. But was I really falling asleep? My eyes wouldn't open. Or rather, I couldn't open them. Instead, my mind was filled with another demonic scene. This showed me an adult Link, a fighting Link destroying shadows with his Master Sword. Did he rebel too? That was the first thought that came to my mind. He was in the Keep where I first met the lord of this world defeating everything that came into his path. Then, he encountered... Him. The demonic force that controlled everything that I had seen.

Link looked at the dead Zelda above his coffin, much like I had previously. Link readied his sword and shield, then charged into battle. Link was stopped but some unseen force. He was lifted into the air slowly. Blood began to run down his cheeks and chin from his eyes and mouth. I heard some words spoken in a language that I did not recognize. Link was risen higher and higher until he was towards the ceiling. A black cross formed on his chest and it began to burn to his body and then through his skin. He dropped his weapons to the floor.

Next came Mario and Sonic; others who I believed had rebelled against Him. They tried to help the Hero of Time in his greatest time of need, but they too were stopped in their tracks. Link was lowered back to the floor onto a strange symbol that had appeared on the floor. This symbol was more obvious to me, and I knew it from specifics lore. The Pentagram; sign of Satan himself. He spoke again in that same language and I watched as Link's eyes became filled with blood, his tunic turn to black and his skin and hair change to a near white. The cross embedded itself deeper into Link's body. He screamed, he tried to break the evil grip that He had upon the hero, but it would see itself impossible. Finally, the possession was complete. A blast mist began to engulf Link's entire body with unholy power. So, now it makes true sense. The demon that lived here was not the only black mass that I had seen.

Link turned towards Mario and Sonic, whom both were released from His grip. He pointed at the two who also intruded and commanded him in those strange words once more. Link's arrows ripped through Sonic's flesh, tore through his chest and held him up against the wall. Mario and Link clashed but only for a brief moment, as Link was able to use his power to force Mario into the ground and drive the demonic looking Master Sword through his chest. Mario's blood filled the Pentagram entirely, Whatever ritual that He had started was now entirely complete. At His command, Link would take Mario to Peach's Castle, and execute him as he saw fit. Sonic would receive additional punishment at his behest.

As Link and Mario dispersed into shadow, Sonic was removed from the arrow and brought to him. He reached into Sonic's wound, pushing his whole hand into him and at first tore out his long intestine. He told Sonic to eat it. The hedgehog refused... so he shoved it down Sonic's throat. The Hedgehog began to choke. He quickly removed the intestines, causing Sonic to vomit in the process. He slammed him on the ground face first, then kicked him far across the room. He bled wildly from the wound, and tried desperately to hold his organs in place.

Sonic laid there while his adversary walked to him and stood close beside him. He slowly placed his foot upon the bleeding stomach and pushed down hard. Sonic spat a sick mixture of blood and vomit from his mouth. He shoved his foot down harder. Sonic's body was covered now.

"I want you to choke." He told Sonic. "That will be your punishment. An eternity... choking on your own vomit. You and your friends should have never defied me. I gave you life. I gave you everything. Now... I take it away." He stomped hard on Sonic's stomach causing an abrupt flow of blood and vomit to come from Sonic's mouth and flow over his cheeks to the floor. Sonic did as He commanded; he choked on his vomit... and then, he passed away. This would not be the first time that Sonic would die, however. It would happen again and again forever and always.

Before me now hung the bodies of hundreds among hundreds of people. As I scanned the area I made them out to be more than just real people and more than just N64 characters, but this was a video game Hell in it's entirety. Characters from this day and age, from PS3, X-Box 360 and Wii were hung alongside those who once drew real air into their bodies. They just hung there in the blackness with a dark red hue in the background, their corpses like shadows. Their eyes and mouths were sown completely shut and they had stab wounds in their chests and abdomens. This was the most apparent form of death that I had seen. It was strange that He did not focus on the classic nostalgic gaming that I once thought was the most prevalent here. Well, in a way he did in terms of the world, but when it came down to it, all of gaming was this monster's worlds. I saw characters such as John Marston, Nathan Drake and Solid Snake hanging there in front of my eyes.

Blood started to rain from the bloody moon high above head. I was in a long hallway; it reminded me of the infinite staircase from Super Mario 64, but it had Silent Hill-like features. Blood and rust covered the whole way up and down. Bodies were nailed to the ceiling above me and on both sides of the wall. They squirmed like worms that struggled. My chest hurt. The pain was excruciating but I found it within myself to ignore it and walk up the stairs. "It's-a me! Mario!" Echoed through my head over and over again, the ton of Mario's voice changing with each step that I took up the stairs. It became darker, far darker than I remembered from the game entirely.

I could see the top of the stairs, and through the blackness I could make out the portrait that had always been there. Once, it was the third of the Bowser pictures, but this one I believed was of Dracula from Castlevania Symphony of the Night that was crying blood tears. I felt as though I was being drawn into the photo. I'm not sure if this was a mental image or some deranged vision, but I saw Dracula holding the legendary Vampire Killer whip while perched upon his throne in Castlevania. It was of a victorious Dracula certainly, as he had every Belmont in recorded lore suffering before him. Trevor Belmont, the first Belmont to defeat him according to the history, was forced to crawl on the stony, rough floor... only he had no legs to speak of, everything below his waist had been severed from his body. Like a slug, he left a trail behind him each time he pulled forward, only it was of his blood.

Richter was a little different entirely. Upon the ceiling did he blood, as the Holy Cross now had him as its victim. He muttered "Grant me your strength" over and over again. Something crawled underneath his skin. A large snake ripped through his chest and slithered down his body. It ripped a bloody hole into his abdomen and entered into him. He just kept on whispering those words over and over again. Simon was another story entirely, and he was Dracula's primary focus. He lashed Simon's bare back with the whip several times while Simon carried a wooden cross upon his shoulders back and force with a crown of thorns on his head. I knew this seen well, it was a mockery of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ himself. It was a sick, disgusting display. Constantly, Simon spoke the "Our Father" prayer at the Dark Lord's behest.The others, those whom also opposed Dracula in the series, where nailed down like those upon the infinite staircase and forced to watch everything that was transpiring before him.

Then, I was back and the picture was gone. The stairs had changed. The blood, rust and bodies were all gone and no longer did Mario's words haunt my mind. A black carpet went back down the stairs into the darkness that awaited at the bottom. I looked back at the picture. Dracula was gone, and something far worse was shown to me now. My girlfriend on a cross. Now, her image was shown to mock me. I tried to enter into the picture like I did with Dracula but nothing happened. After several moments I knew that I just had to find her. It would not be so simple... unfortunately. I turned my back to the picture and looked back down the stairs.

"What is a man? I miserable little pile of secrets!" Those words were spoken by Dracula in Symphony of the Night and they stabbed into my mind like a dagger into the heart. I walked down the stairs slowly, with caution, not knowing what more resided in the darkness below. "She's mine." Something else spoke into my mind. "You'll never have her again. She'll make an excellent lover."My head started to hurt. It felt as though something dark was starting to overcome me, or trying to take hold. I fought back with all of my will, all of my strength. I fell, but was able to support myself so that I did not fall down the stairs. "No." I said to myself. "No, no, no, leave me alone!" It felt like a sword had been driven into my brain. My heartbeat began to slow down. A cold came over me. I fought still. Everything around me started to change again. Darkness crept in around me, and although I was still on the stairs, I could have sword that I was somewhere else entirely.

The carpet was stripped and the staircase matched the stoney walls around me. Everything was on fire, but they gave no light... only pain. I pushed back. I fought the evil force to a standstill. I forced myself back onto my feet and told it to leave me be. That this was not its victory. I recognized its life. As I thought, it was the demon Himself. "You cannot hold yourself from me forever, fool. This is my world, my realm, and my Hell. You will do exactly as I please and then some."I heard my girlfriend screaming in the background. I called to her, but the screaming then stopped. Again, I yelled her name, somehow giving myself the will to battle back. I did, I forced the evil spirit back more and more until finally, He gave up. Although He still laughed at my efforts, and mocked me still.

"You won't win." He told me. "You serve a higher purpose, after all. You will come to me. Or you're love will suffer here for all of eternity.

"I asked him where she was. He gave me no reply, just a fading laugh that left me alone once again.

The pain was gone, the suffering was done. I somehow had pushed myself away from the brink of oblivion. I couldn't help but wonder as to why He couldn't control me though? What gave me the strength to fight Him off? Then I wondered what He meant by a higher purpose... I just knew that I needed to find her. If I were to die here, at the very least, I had to try. I still had the Master Sword with me. I decided that I would make good use of it. So... I descended into the darkness beneath, and ever deeper into chaos. That was what they had called the world there: Chaos. I stood on a high mountaintop above where fire and ice rained from the sky and this barren land. Not a sign of life around me other than the monsters, the servants that so righteously worshiped the demon who had taken them and made them into his slaves. Smoke and ash covered the sky, but a red hue still was there.

From the sky hung the bodies that I had seen in one of my visions, but there was hundreds... no, thousands of them. They were dead, all of them, and were suffering in some sort of hellish nightmare. In the center of it all stood the largest castle that I had ever seen. It was a black kingdom in which the dragon's of Skyrim actually guarded, with Alduin at the very top, right under the blood moon that sometimes had showed itself. I clutched the sword in my hand. I had been brought to this castle, and now I could end this once and for all. Something grabbed my ankles. Hands that had risen up from the ground, the hands of the dead as their wailed to me and tried to pulled themselves from the ground while pulling my under in the process. I felt myself dipping in. I used the sword to cut the hands, thus freeing myself from them. I looked down the mountainside and saw many more rising from the rocks and stone. I would have to be cautious on my way down. Arms continually grabbed me as I climbed towards the ground and I was forced to slice each and every one of them.

As I climbed lower and lower there was a loud screeching sound that came towards me. A dragon flew at me with tremendous force and rammed straight into the rocks right above me. I fell down, to what would have surely been my death, but was saved by a floating specter. It was Zelda. She had found me, somehow, and as we lowered she threw me to the ground. "You are a fool to deny Him." She told me. "This will lead you only to death."I responded by saying who cares. I stood up, dusted myself off and moved on towards the castle. She followed me.

"He wants you to come, you fool. Don't you see? You are merely serving his purpose."

I asked her what that could have been. She didn't respond, but for a moment she hesitated. I thought that she would do as much. Before I could make it to far, more hands rose from the ground, only this time the bodies did as well. They were like Zombies, only their bodies weren't decayed. Leon Kennedy was Resident Evil, James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2, Reinhardt Schneider from Castlevania 64, and among others. They began to circle around me, and I found myself with nowhere to go. "You gave me no choice." Zelda told me. "You should have listened."

They closed in on me. I took the Master Sword that was gifted to me and I used it. I spun around, and forced them all to back away to dodge me. This gave me enough room to stab Reinhardt in his chest , with enough space to pull the blade from him and decapitate one of the zombie creatures beside me. I was no adept swordsman, but I had a strategic know how at least. I backed away from the opening I created. When James Sunderland made it close enough I slit his through with nearly perfect precision. I used this method to kill all of the others until it was only me and Leon left.

He took a gun from the holster at his hip and pointed it at me. I was cornered. I somehow managed to dodge to bullet. Out of fear I ducked down, ran towards him and stabbed him. He fell to the ground, and I forced the sword as deep as I could into him. Then I took the gun shot him in the head. I removed the blood covered sword from him and looked up at Zelda, whom had a smirk on his face.

"Very well." She said. "I will take you to Him."

I was baffled. Now, she was more willing to take me to her Master? For what reason? I didn't understand it, but should I truly question it?

"You'll never make it past the dragons without me fool. Do not deny my help.

"I asked her why.

"Because He was right about you." She told me. "You are the one after all."

So she did know what He had meant all along. I looked up at the castle, saw the dragons circling it, and looked at my options. I only had one. So I accepted her up with much hesitation. She smirked. I began to feel a powerful weight overcoming me. A strength that I had never felt before, a power that I had not yet seen from her. I dropped down to both knees. Again, I started to feel cold and feel the blackness surrounding me. I didn't want to die again! I couldn't bare the pain anymore. But the blackness overcame me. I'm still unsure if I had died or not. I saw my parents this time. My brother, sister, mom and dad, all standing in a circle around my body, crying. I looked up at them. I asked them what was wrong.

"You're here too." My dad had told me. "What have you done to us?"

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"You did this to us." My brother shouted at me.

"You brought us here! Why would you do it...? Why?" My mother cried and dropped to both knees. "Please, let us leave here. We don't belong here! We raised you right! We... we didn't know. We wish we could have helped you, you really do. Just please... let us rest in peace."

My sister, my young sister hugged my mother. "He's a bad man, mommy. A very bad man."

My attention was drawn to my father. "You're a monster son. I horrible person who deserves everything that he gets in the afterlife. I hope that God punishes you for eternity."

"But I didn't do anything to you!"

The circle of family disappeared before my eyes. I called out to them, asked them to wait but I saw that nothing could bring them back to me. My family despised me... dear God, what have I done to deserve this? What had I done to them? My head started to hurt. Everything around me began to take me to a new setting. I awoke at the entrance of the castle. It was everything that one could imagine, given its location. It was covered in entirely blood and rust, and had a large set of stairs that went directly forward onto the next floor. On all sides was the same symbol that I had seen in the Temple of Time vision, and above my head rested a Pentagram.

Somehow I felt... at home hear. I sense of calm had come over me. Zelda had done what she said she would and brought me here, to the kingdom. I walked up the stairs as blood began to drip from the ceiling and the painful moans resumed. Thousands of people... and all of them were in pain, screaming out for aid from God. They would receive none. I somehow knew that this one staircase would take me all the way up to the keep, where I was certain I would find the evil spirit Himself.

The staircase had become a winding torment of despair and agony. Hundreds of people were all nailed to the walls that oozed a strange black blood. Some of them were video game characters, others I knew were real life people. Snakes excited their bodies as they ate them from the inside out. I watched random hands strangle the innocent, slaughter the murderers gruesomely and black specters rape poor defenseless women. This was where those He hated most were brought... and where the worst sort of punishments were administered. They all asked me for help, some of them even went as far as to beg me for death. I refused to help any of them. In the end, there was no point. I stopped and watched as Chris Redfield from Resident Evil was ironically eaten by zombies.

Moving on a saw Ezio from Assassin's Creed with several blades sticking from him. As I advanced up the stairs, more and more did I see my imagine come to life in such evil ways that it made my blood run cold. I came to a large platform that would take me to the final staircase certainly. It was here that I was a black skinned Kratos, from God of War. He held in his hands the Blades of Exile. I watched in despair while he ruthlessly slaughtered all of the people who stood around them. In God of War fashion, he ripped them in half, tore some to shreds. Blood stained his area more than anywhere else that I had seen... and that meant something. He allowed me to pass, however, as he told me that he would not thwart my advance.

I came to the beginning of another large flight of stairs that would certainly take me to the very top of the castle. Zelda had done her just as she said she would. The stairs were reminiscent of something straight out of Castlevania. The final staircase before the final battle... Alduin stood at the top of the final tower as I walked up the stairs, half-expecting him to burn me to a crisp then and there.

"You may enter." He told me.

I opened the large double doors at the end. It was all about to come to a close. The room was large and dark. Black stones, but no carpet, with a large black throne at the end of the room and an alter in front of me. It was what was behind the alter that filled me with hope! It was her, my girlfriend, my love! I finally had found her, after all of this time, all of the death and destruction, I finally had found her! As I stood up, I ran to her. She was nailed to a black cross, like I had seen before. She yelled at me to keep away from her! She called me a monster, and told me that if I so much as touched her she would try and kill me. I didn't stop though. No... I walked to her, and I stood in front of the alter.

Upon the alter was another pentagram, only this one was a golden pendant. I felt something strange come over me as I picked it up and put it around my neck. I looked up at her with a smirk on my face while a tear rolled down her cheek. "No..." She begged. "Please..."I rose both of my arms up and recited something that I did not recognize, spoken in a language that I did not know. I had no idea what I was saying, or what had come over me, but I looked at her with hate in my eyes, with malice resonating from me. Everything became black around us. I could feel the spirits trying to evade the room, the whispers that called out my name, and the darkness that had begged me to release it.

Beside my girlfriend, on the cross stood Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Eggman, Dracula, characters like Virgil from Devil May Cry, Wesker from Resident Evil and among other heroes and villains whom had once given us the satisfaction of their defeat. I chanted faster and louder, bloody tears poured from her eyes. I took my new demonic Master Sword in hand... I rose the sword high into the air. A storm surrounded the castle and a powerful wind entered into the room. They all started to chant along with me, although I was indeed the loudest. My power resonated all throughout the world, my love screamed and begged me to stop. Why would I? What reason did I have? A blackness covered the sword.

I looked into her bloody, yet tearful eyes and told her to embrace sweet death. I stabbed it into her still beating heart and watched the blood pour from her like a gutted pig. I felt... satisfied by this action. Those whom had joined my disappeared with the darkness. I pulled myself away from her. What had I done? I was shocked by my own actions. I... killed her and I didn't know why I did such a thing, or what had made me do such a thing. I could feel Him behind me, but I didn't even care at that point. I was still baffled by what I had done.

"You did well. Better than expected even." He told me. "Yes, you have indeed returned to our world. "I can't believe I..."

"Believe it, my lord. You have done as your nature would intend."

"My nature?" I turned to him. "I have killed the only women that I have ever loved!"

"It isn't the first time that you have murdered somebody dear to you, my lord. Your mother, father... brother sister... uncle... all of them were killed by you, were they not?

""No..." I hesitated. "I would never...""Ah, but you did. You killed everyone whom had once meant something to you, or whom had hurt you during life. You are reborn to us! Long have we awaited this! Your purpose is served, oh Lord of Damnation!

""I'm no Lord of anything!" I snapped ."I'm just some miserable person that you brought here for your own sick pleasure!"

"Allow me to restore your memory, my king. It is the least that I can do..."He waved his hand in front of me. I felt something begin to overtake me. A powerful evil surged through my body. Something inside of me began to change drastically. What was wrong with me? I looked at Him in a daze, but in return I saw... myself. He stood there as me. It was true, I knew it for certain.

I was overcome with wild memories that I for some reason had forgotten over time. My parents always judged me, always called me lazy, a slob... antisocial, and among other things. My life was centered around video games. The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Metal Gear Solid, you name it, I've played it. My favorite was the Nintendo 64. Oh, how I longed for a world where I could live with them all in harmony and peace.

Yes... I remembered well when they pushed me to far. They called me a loser. Said I was going nowhere in life. I was a... disappointment. That was when they drove me over the edge. My brother and sister... they saw when I stabbed our mother in the chest repetitively. I made them watch when I hung my father from the balcony. I remember well when I stabbed them both to death, and then, remorseful, I sowed their eyes and mouths shut so they no longer could see what horrors I have unleashed and could no longer openly judge me.

I called the Police myself. I confessed and... they had me arrested. I hung myself in my cell. It was then that I met my judge... you know of whom it is I speak. He cast me down into the pit, into Hell itself and it was there that I was molded into one of the Devil's most powerful demons. But... I was able to escape the damnation that I had been cast into. I retreated into the human world and then I created my own reality. My own personal Hell, something that I had once dreamed of. Oh, it is glorious! The world that I had created knew no bounds, and truly, it was mine! But, I had lost my way... and it was all because of her!

I couldn't kill her on the day that she had originally purchased the same Nintendo 64 that I had made my home. Something about her struck me with a passion that I had never known existed. So, I left my world and created a subconscious that would rule in my stead. Her light had somehow cast my darkness aside and I had forgotten everything that I knew, everything that had truly mattered to me. I had become... whole. But it would seem that, deep down... I knew of whom I was, and what I had done. Yes... I am the Devil of this world. The lord of evil and of damnation. I created this Video Game Hell, and it is MY WORLD! I punished myself for my own heresy and now I will shape the world in my image. I will build an army large enough to take this world, and mold it into my own paradise.

I have reclaimed my identity. Now, before God and Satan may have their war, I will be victorious The subconscious disappeared. I felt Him enter into return to the recesses of my mind. Darkness had returned to my spirit. Destiny is rather funny, is it not? That I would find my home the way I did... it seemed almost... as if fate had deemed it. My uncle was always a senile man, to not remember me, to try and sell my N64. The old fool committed the ultimate failure.

I must thank him, for he allowed in my rebirth, my unholy return into my world. The darkness had finally grown so powerful with me! The visions that I had seen of Link's suffering, Mario and Sonic's death... it was all of my past here. I saw my handy work and once more I appreciated and loved it. The fools in Heaven and Hell will rue the day that they cast me aside... I have returned to my world. Let all who stand against me know that none shall defy me, that evil will flourish through the veins of the world. Someday, all shall know me as... God.

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