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My friends and I love Pokémon, as a result when Pokémon Black and White came out, we were pretty happy about it. We couldn't miss out on a new video game, especially Pokémon.Most of my friends were happy to trade Pokémon with me if they had something I wanted and I had something they wanted. It was a win-win for all of us. We beat the game fairly quickly, it was fun and all. However, I really wanted a Mismagius for some reason. So my friend went to the abundant shrine and caught me a Misdreavous and traded it evolving it into Mismagius for me.I never paid attention to nicknames, stats or anything like that. But I was so bored when I got that Mismagius I checked it stats.It's nickname was 666, all its stats were also 666.

I didn't panic too much, but I was a bit angry with my friends, I thought they gave me a hacked Pokémon.I talked with my friend who gave me the Pokémon, she had no idea about the names/stats. She checks that stuff and told me that she didn't give me a hacked Pokémon or nicknamed it 666.I was confused, so I checked it's moveset. It was pretty normal, Perish Song, Grudge, Taunt, and Spite.The Perish Song and Grudge I knew it could learn, but still kind of scared me.

I thought nothing of it and proceeded to play my game. I went to the white forest in my game and it was nothing like before. It was normal all the grass/people and ponds were there. But now it was purple and blue, some buildings, and the ones that were there looked rotted and old and there were no leaves blowing like normal.I was confused, and I had no idea what to do.

I walked up to an elderly man standing in the town and he said, "...You dare step foot in this town after what you did...?" At that point I was even more confused. It gave me a yes/no box for me to answer and I said no, having no other choice because I didn't have a clue what he was talking about.

He shook his head and nothing else came up but a piercing eerie sound came from the speakers and it hurt my ears like crazy. My volume on my DS was kind of crappy as it was stuck and I couldn't turn it down. Then I decided I would just investigate a while. I read a couple of signs, one of them said go away. As I suspected, it would tell me something like that. I went into one of the old rotted houses there and an exclamation point appeared over a little girl's head. She ran up to me and the battle theme music went on. I was so confused and felt like just turning my game off, but I couldn't. The little girl has no eyes, or mouth. I took a closer look at her and she had a very sharp knife, and blood was dripping down it. She had a huge smirk on her face and in the other hand she was holding a doll and its eyes almost looked like it was staring into my soul or something.

666 was automatically sent out. 666 didn't even let me hit a move, it just used Grudge.The little girl somehow stabbed 666 with the bloody knife and he starting bleeding very badly and the girl laughed insanely as she threw her doll at him and the doll ripped 666 apart limb by limb. I just watched as 666's insides were being torn apart and it almost looked like it was vomiting up blood or something. The girl then punched 666 and the screen was dowsed with very graphic blood along with parts of 666's insides. The girl picked up 666's body, taking out its heart, smirked at me and said in a demonic voice "...your next!".

I ran out of the building as quickly as possible, and took 666's body to the Pokémon Centre. Little did I know I was still in the White Forest. I walked in and the nurse had no eyes, just like the little girl, but instead of just no eyes, she still had eye sockets and they were bleeding intensely.

She quickly took 666 and said "Get out of here...your just an unwanted soul..."I was so confused, I looked in my party and 666 was still there but I looked at it. It was completely torn apart. It's body was almost completely torn in half and its insides were hanging out of its body. It was looking down with shady eyes and blood all over its self. Its insides were scattered all over the screen. It was so graphic it make me feel kind of sick. It was floating very low on the screen for its animation and it feel down just making more blood gash out of its self.I quickly closed its stats and left the Pokémon Centre.

I went into another house and no one was there. I made a quick sigh of relief thinking it was all over with. 666 came out of its pokeball and gave me a twisted grin as it slowly but cautiously walked closer to me. Then, all of the sudden 666 used Perish Song. The screen said "666's perish count is now 3, Kayla's Perish song count is now 3". My eyes widened at the screen, I thought Perish song only worked on Pokémon. Then he used Grudge and my character fell to the ground, each time the perish song count got lower, my character got hurt. But, it's count was slower for humans so my character was having a slow painful death. 666 couldn't even attack it because of its moveset having no moves that could hurt me.

My character was on the ground, bleeding and almost looking like it was having a seizure or something. It was almost like all he had to do was look at me and I would be a goner. My character sat up, and you could see her stomach open already, closing her eyes, groaning from pain. 666 was making evil grins at me, He obviously wanted me to feel pain.

I frowned watching my character getting tortured by 666. He slashed my character into a wall and watched as debris feel on me. She lay there, motionless in a pool of her own blood with her insides splattered everywhere. 666 looked around evilly and laughed for awhile, and then a text appeared on the screen and said "See you in hell..." Then all of the sudden I remembered, Perish song. I was going to die anyways and so was 666. Then another text said "666's Perish Song is now at...0... 666 died" Then he got one last laugh before he exploded and the rest of its body and insides lay all inside the abandoned house. The blood spattered on the wall spelled out "I'll be back..."I was still very confused, I decided just to restart my game or else it all was going to happen again.

I restarted my game, it looked and acted normal. But the first time I went to heal my Pokémon at the Pokémon Centre the nurse said, "Is this your Pokémon?" She handed me a Pokémon and out came 666 smirking at me. I had lots of extra room in my party so she gave 666 to me. I sighed and released 666 but it just ended up coming back. What did it want from me? Did it truly want me to die?

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