Ultimate Nightmare

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Shadow could feel something. It was there, around the woods. Somewhere, something. She couldn't exactly pinpoint it, but it was definitely here. Shadow pulled out a pocket knife from her hoodies, beside some cheap rations she had been hanging onto, but she could find nothing. She didn't know where it was. She had been out here for a while. Hours, perhaps even days she had been stuck, lost, confused, and most of all, scared. She wandered around aimlessly, calling out into the darkness, hoping someone would find her... She brushed up against a few trees and she suddenly realized she was at the edge of the forest. She pushed herself through,

Hoping to see something...

There was no one driving.

There were no cars, no buildings, people, or even any gas stations she could have entered. Shadow collapsed, exhausted, tired, and scared, and quietly began to cry. She mine as well be done for. As she lay her head down, about ready to go into a dreamless sleep, a light caught her eye...

Down the road, was a motel, that she could have sworn hadn't been there before. She fumbled up, and walked over, not bothering to look for cars. She looked curiously at the light, and when she reached the motel, it seemed to be much longer than she saw it out to be. She entered the lobby, and the light stunned her. At the front desk was an emotionless looking man, about in his forty's. Shadow nervously went up to him. He didn't look up.

"Uh.. Hello. I'd like to rent a room, please." Shadow whispered. The man didn't speak, but instead handed her a key to a room. It was marked 666. She looked at the key, eyes widening. "Oh..." She seemed completely frozen. The man suddenly grunted, as if to say "hurry up." Shadow yelped. "Dear God, no." She covered her mouth with her hand, and shakily exited the building. She walked down the seemingly endless array of rooms. No cars were visible, that meant no people staying. She looked up. 664, 665... 666. This was it. Shadow took a large breath and opened the door.

What she saw was not what she expected at all.

She looked around, confused. "Wh..What?" It was a beautiful room, with skyblue walls, painted with expertise, a widescreen HD TV, a beautiful curtain covering a small window, and a large, spacious queen bed. Shadow hopped onto the bed, finding it surprisingly comfortable. All her stress, worries, and troubles seemed to be consumed by the mattress... She felt sleepy, the world fading away. "I guess.. This isn't as bad as I thought it would be.." She faded into the realm of sleep, without bothering to turn the lights off...

Shadow opened her eyes. She was back in the forest. She attempted to move, but she was frozen. "Ohh, noo.." She struggled wildly, but her movements were in vain.

Then, there it was again.

That presence. That ungodly presence. It was there. It was intense, inhuman, not of this world. Shadow heard a rustle, and her eyes darted to the sound. There was a creature, with an unusual posture, as if it had been struck by a car. It moved like a canine, yet it looked somewhat like a human... somewhat. And it's eyes... they shone. They burnt, like looking into the sun. It prowled over to Shadow, who attempted to scream. "No.. No.. NO! God, please, NO!!" The creature shrieked at leaped at her, the eyes cutting her vision.

Shadow awoke with a start. The lights had turned off by themselves, and the tv was making an odd static noise. Shadow fumbled off the bed and headed to the door. It was locked. Shadow couldn't bear this kind of torture anymore. She decided to go back onto the bed, which was far from comfy now. She closed her eyes... and there it was again. The thing she had seen in her dreams. She woke with a start and looked panicked at the window. The frothing beast was pressed right up against the window, boring right into Shadow's soul. As Shadow's eyes adjusted to the darkness, she realized the room had been torn up. Blood smeared all over the walls, the bed had been scratched at, and the curtain had been ripped to shreds, as if some sort of rabid cat had attacked it. The blood led a trail, right under Shadow's covers...

Shadow screamed and bolted off the bed, pounding at the door like a mental patient. She realized her leg had been cut right into the bone. Shadow wailed, and one leg grasped her leg, and another one pressed against her body, she bit her tongue and rammed herself against the door. She darted off the bed, back into the forest. Suddenly, a cold feeling went up her body as a damp hand held her leg. Shadow wailed and crushed the hand, leading to a shriek and a splitting pain in her hip. Yelps and screams erupted from the trees as white eyes pierced her. Shadow could run no more. All the worries, pain, and fright took the best of her. "No.." She left the world on consciousness and one more shriek blasted her ears.

Raven awoke, in the middle of the forest. Was it over? She realized not as dried blood stained her legs, and seething pain coursed through her body. She held her head, which felt like it was burning up, before she heard a voice. "It looks like you've been met with a terrible fate haven't you?" She looked up, blinking. Her eyes widened. She stared at a being that could not be pronounced human or creature. Seven mouths spoke several cursed languages, and tentacles swarmed around his body, each having a mind of it's own. It's eyesockets bled, revealing nothing but pure darkness. Every creepypasta ever made was spoken, and images flew around it. Jeff, Slenderman, Rake, BEN, the thing that was phone, Smile Dog, ponies, it went on and on.

Shadow dearly wanted to tear her eyes away, but she somehow remained locked on. The monstrosity bowed. "My name is Zalgo. I am the creator of these creatures you call 'creepypastas.'" Shadow panted, and she realized several of the creatures were staring through the trees. Only the trees... were not. Shadow narrowly choked back a scream.

"Why are they after me?" Zalgo didn't respond, instead continuing to speak.

"Your race has been always pitiful, feeding me with your fear and sorrow... But I grow tired of people who make fun of us, making stories of us, it makes me sick!!"

Shadow attempted to back away, but the shrieks froze her in her path.

"Those are a joke! They're just.. just.. " She spluttered, unable to continue on. Zalgo started to laugh, a horrible, alien sounds, a mix of noises that could never be heard in the galaxy.

"This world will pay their consequences of your actions." He held his hand up, creating a dark cloud. Shadow looked at a rock near her.

"You won't get away with this.." Zalgo roared. "Now Rakes.. finish her off!"

A number of rakes came out from the darkness, prowling, padding, and screaming. Shadow picked up the rock. With all her might, she flung it at Zalgo. "I'm not gonna let you NEAR me." The rock hit Zalgo, unaffecting him. Shadow darted away.

The rakes gave pursuit, tripping Shadow and gathering around her. She wildly swung her fist, blindly clipping them in the face and sending many scrambling back. One leap behind her and grabbed her foot. Shadow screamed, and grabbed the rake's neck.

An energy ball suddenly slammed into it.

The rake was sent flying, vaporized. It let out a pained shriek before death. A figure stood were the blast came from. "You'd better run." Shadow weakly got up, head swimming. "Oww.. I don't feel so good." The figure glared at Shadow, and she ran as fast as her legs would carry her. More energy balls destroyed the rakes, a few foolish attempted to pounce on the figure. He promptly killed them, and some fled into the darkness, howling and screaming madly.

More rakes took the place of the slain, circling the person. He shook his head. "Hmm you guys are such a pest, Dark End Pulse!!"

He let out a dark wave, completely obliterating the rakes. Zalgo fled. Shadow took shelter behind a tree, badly injured, while the person followed. "Hey, where did you go, I won't hurt you..." Shadow nervously peered from behind the tree, bleeding. The figure looked at her, concerned.

"Are you ok? My name is Ed." The moon lit up some of him, revealing long hair that partially covered his face, a red sweater that covered a black shirt, and black jeans.

"I have been tracking down Zalgo, but he always gets away."

One last rake suddenly broke the silence and leap at Ed. He turned and sliced it in two. Shadow coughed, blood dripping down her neck and mouth, and all over.

"I'm.. F-fine.. I think.." She suddenly collapsed from blood loss. Ed shook his head.

"I should take you to a better place." He grabbed Shadow and walked them over to a nearby cave. As they dropped, Shadow started to stir.

Ed looked at her, and she awoke. She grasped her head. "Oww.." Ed hushed her immediately. "Shh, don't make loud noises." His voice transferred to a whisper.

"They have very sensitive ears." Shadow looked puzzled. "What's going on?"

Ed looked up at the sky, which had been covered by a red cloud. "It's Zalgo, he wants to destroy this world to prove that the pastas are no joke."

Shadow's whisper turned frightened. "Creepypastas..." A faint shriek was heard above.

Ed glared at the trees. "Yes. There will be more. Including Slenderman, Jeff the Killer and others.. We should get moving." Shadow got up, still rather dizzy. Ed looked at Shadow. "Don't get scared. That is their way to find you." He pointed down a long dirt path.

"This way leads to the city. That way many pastas will be in a disadvantage."

There was a sudden rustle up above. Ed braced, and Shadow jumped.

"They are fast, stand behind me." Shadow's heart skipped a beat.

She nervously trudged behind Ed, thinking 'I'm not scared, I'm not scared." There was another rustle, and something dropped onto the ground.

It was the hotel manager.

Shadow jumped back, startled, then scared.

"Th-that's the guy who gave me the key to the room..!" Ed stared in disbelief at the corpse.

There was a word scrambled in blood. It was smeared, but he could make out "FEAR."

Ed braced.

"Zalgo... We must keep going." Shadow sat.

"This is my fault... If I hadn't had posted that shit on my forums..." Ed looked.

"What did you post?" Shadow recalled, back before she had gotten lost.

"I posted pictures of Zalgo, Jeff, Slenderman, and the Rake's work on forums.. And I laughed about it to myself."

Suddenly, shrieks were heard from all over, then grouped behind Shadow. She turned around. Nothing there. She turned back. Zalgo was staring right at her.

"So you accepted." he grinned.

The shrieks skyrocketed in sound, blasting Shadow's ears and turning it into a ringing noise. Ed turned, fists glowing with dark aura.

"Zalgo!! Stop this madness!!" Zalgo hissed, glaring at Ed with nonexistent eyes in disdain and hatred.

"Why should I? These pathetic humans make fun of us, we will make fun of them!"

Rakes poured out of the shadows, piling onto Shadow and Ed. Shadow screamed as hundreds of sharp claws slash and dug into her.

Ed unleashed a wave that blew them away, however literally hundreds more took their place. Ed yelled at Zalgo, who was pleasured.

"This girl doesn't deserve this Zalgo!" Zalgo snarled, and a dark snake erupted from his mouth, constricting Ed, which was promptly destroyed.

Zalgo flared up. "She deserves more!"

Shadow weakly got up, and ran. She slammed right into someone, or something, and she fell. Looking up, she saw as close up of Slenderman. His sight drove her crazy, but she had already gone through much dangerous trauma.

She yelped, cursing. As Ed fought, a knife suddenly bore into his spine.

"Shh. Just go to sleep and it will be over..."

Ed collapsed, groaning and bleeding. Shadow looked in disbelief at the pale face that awaited her. "J-JEFF?!" She curled up, as Rakes fought around her.

"If this is a nightmare, WAKE UP!" A low, uneasy laugh emitted from Jeff.

As Ed painfully ripped out the knife, multiple rakes surrounded Ed, slashing and tearing wildly at him.

"Arrh!" He fell to his knees, and this caused Shadow to snap. G-GET OFF MY FRIEND!" She pounced on a rake, throttling it.

They poured onto her, slicing her back and screaming. She pushed them back, impaling them on tree branches. The tendrils of Slenderman shot out and ensnared Shadow and Ed, while Zalgo laughed. Jeff made the "shh" gesture and approached Shadow. Ed snapped off the tendrils.

"You don't know me." He turned and kicked Jeff, breaking his spine, then flipped behind Slenderman and sliced him in half. Jeff collapsed while Slenderman simply faded away.

"You will pay for what you have done!!!" All of a sudden, multiple Slendermen, Jeff's, Rakes, and new pastas like the smile dog and Squidward spawned around, surrounding the two. Shadow looked, eyes wide. "Oh no... We're outnumbered!" Zalgo pointed at the two.

"Finish them." Shadow covered her head, looking around, extremely frightened.

"Oh, I don't want to do this..." Ed glowed, his pulse up, angry.

"You guys will pay." He held his hand up, and energy began to charge.

"Dark..." Rakes swarmed Shadow, and a tendril from a slenderman shot up.

Bloodshot eyes glowed as a Smile Dog prowled, anticipating a kill. Ed continued to charge.

"End..." Shadow looked around, everything that had happened flying out at her. Her mind was overwhelmed, and she could take no more.

"NOW!" Her voice boomed and echoed like two, and vines and thorns exploded out of the ground, holding the creepypastas down.

Ed finished charging.


A giant wave shot out, blinding everyone briefly. When it cleared, all that was left were some ashes, blood, and accessories, like the suit of Slenderman and Jeff's knife. The blood from the slain creatures, and multiple injuries from Ed and Shadow poured like a river into the center of the battlefield, making a growing pool of the crimson juice. Only Zalgo was left, and creepypastas continued to spawn behind him. Zalgo furiously spat out. "You!" He clenched, red clouds emerging from his body.

"I will crush you both!!"

Before he could move, though, a rake suddenly leapt. It didn't attack Ed or Shadow... but Zalgo. It impaled his neck, with little effect.

He turned. "What are you doing?"

Shadow looked at the amassing crowd as Zalgo snapped the rake in half.

"They're.. They're rebelling!"

Five more rakes stabbed at his heels, and slendermens tendrils shot at him. Knives were hurled, hitting critical areas, and a pack of smile dogs bit into his neck, mouths streched in a never ending smile. Zalgo struggled as Ed started to absorb.

"I will lock you away for good!"

The pasta's ripped at Zalgo, tearing him apart. He let out a silent scream, and a rake tore off his head. Zalgo was then fully absorbed as all the pastas fled or faded away. Ed then collapsed. "My duty is done here... Kill me." Shadow gasped, and shook her head. Ed continued.

"If I'm to destroy Zalgo, you have to..."

Suddenly, one last rake darted at Ed and forced it's claw through his throat. It shrieked, and Ed choked out blood as Shadow rushed to his side, gasping. The rake instantly began to tear at his head, revealing slight brain matter, killing him almost instantly.

Shadow yelled, and grabbed Ed's head, pushing the rake away. It fled. She looked at him.

"It shouldn't have ended like this... You had so much strength, stamina, agility.."

Her eyes glowed green, and a chuck of earth, shaped like a coffin and big enough to hold Ed was taken from the earth. The body then conjured a smile somehow, to Shadow's confusion. It faded off. "I may be weak, to a point, but fighting's in my blood."

A voice suddenly made her jump. "You say. My body's over there." Ed's spirit pointed. She looked up in shock. "We should start." Shadow looked up, and smiled...

Credited to LostGod2000

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