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This is the official new Trollpasta Wiki. Started by the previous Trollpasta Wiki site owner, along with two former admins.

Trollpastas are a sub-genre of creepypasta stories that are occasionally written with intentionally poor grammar and cliched plot devices for comedic effect. Many Trollpastas heavily use established Trollpasta characters as satirical devices, primarily EVIL PATRIXXX.

Much like with creepypasta, there are multiple categories and archetypes of trollpasta, varying from haunted game/file stories to lost episode stories to simply horrific amalgamations of Internet memes and Mary Sues/ bad OC's pertaining to cliched creepypasta.

Alongside original trollpastas, existing creepypasta stories may also be moved to this wiki for failing to adhere to the Creepypasta Wiki's quality standards; this is where they are forever held in a position of censure and humiliation from trollpasta and creepypasta fans alike.

... Or in simple person talk, it's a site about goofy stories.