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This story started a long day ago at my local Gamestop. I went to buy a copy of Super Mario Bros. for the NES. But the only copy that was standing right behind the cashier was an copy of the game, but photoshopped with the title "Toad".

That was really weird, since I don't recall Toad being playable in the game itself. But as any goddamn creepypasta protagonist would do, I bought the game for 20 dollars and went to my house so I could play it.

The start was just like Super Mario Bros. However, the title, instead of saying Super Mario Bros., it said Toad's Adventure. I never thought Toad would get a game starring himself as the main protagonist! I mean, for real!

When I pressed start, the screen turned black for 20 seconds just to reveal the textbox saying:

"Welcome to your doom!"

My doom? What was my doom? You mean Doom, like, the videogame?

Well, it was the start of the level. It was just like 1 - 1, except the Goombas and the Koopas let out a squishing sound with some bone cracks when I jumped on them. Kinda creepy, to say at least. When I touched the flagpole, the jingle that plays whenever you finish a level is lower pitched and the firework sounds were all glitched out.

In 1 - 2, Toad entered an blood-stained pipe just to see Mario, all mangled up, with his intestines tore out, and blood coming out of him. I didn't care about it, only to find out that I was in an infinite loop of the same scene. Over and over and over again. It goes on and on for 40 seconds only to be greeted with another textbox, saying:


I got confused by just seeing the word bup. What does it mean? What is bup anyways?

And then... I got to 1 - 3.

The screen was filled with Toad's face, the music was replaced with Toad's voice, everything in the game became Toad. My ears couldn't even handle the sheer pressure of Toad's voice, it was too loud...

I'm writing this note from...I don't fucking know, this year? Anyways, Toad is too powerful. Help m

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