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Hello the names Mat and i am writing to you this special message about something that has been bothering me and i need you to come over .This started on monday 14 of last month and i was reading the newpaper and when into my basement to grab a drink i notices this in my basement plush toy that i had as a little boy it has a blue coat and white fur and this sunglasses and a stich on it face probably due to me breaking it when i was younger.

So i put it on my counch for a little bit and i went to work for the day and i work at the walmart just for you to know.So when i got home i saw that same plush but now it looked........ different with it shades gone and voidless eyes with his ears looking like a mouse.So i though that my neighbor Tod was pranking me because he does not like me at all.So i put the plush back into the basement and i had something in my mind that made me drop this plush.

It was my fears all here in my mind and they would not go and i when into my bed to try to get some sleep because "maybe i am just tired" i though to myself and when to sleep.The nightmares where driving me insane i woke up and i went into the basement and looked at this plush and i stared into its eyes and i kicked the plush and my nightmares where gone i think this might have been some illusion in my head and before i could go that plush got up and opened its face wide open and all of my fers where in there and my skin was ripping off and the walls where breaking and a void was opening that plush closed its face and said "Your.........Fate..........Has........Been.........Sealed............"

And i blacked out and now i find myself in the hospital in this bed writing to you this letter i need you to go to my house and find that plush for me its a... "odd request" but i need for you to bring it to this hospital okay ?

From: Mat


Credited to Mendora the killer

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