The Last Christmas

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The last Christmas was a dark one. A very grimey day. Especially for me. I woke up one morning, exactly 3 days from Christmas. I got up and made breakfast like usual and sat down in front of my old television set. My dad woke up not too later after I did.

"Mornin' dad.", I greeted my father. Although I didn't get a response, I ignored it; assuming that my father was just very tired. Then my older brother, Tyler and mother woke up at the same time. The all acted as if they were oblivious to my existance.

"Hey, can you hear me? Stop it!", still, my family payed no attention. "Whatever, I'm leaving to go to Carter's since you guys are more involved with breakfast than talking to me."

I mounted my bicycle and rode down the street to my best friend's house. I was wishing that I had brought a jacket because the air was cold, moist, and windy. As I stopped my bike on his drive-way I noticed that the snowman that we both made the day before was gone. Maybe his younger sister tore it down. I walked up to his front door and rung the doorbell, alarming Carter's dogs to bark inside.

His sister opened the door.

"Hey, Carter home?" She didn't answer. Then she shut the door in my face. "Hey! What was that about? Open up!" I could hear Carter and his sister inside.

"No one was there. I bet someone was ding-dong ditchin' or something."

"Let me check." I could hear Carter's voice.

He opened the door. "Hey, bro. Natalie opened up, then acted like I wasn't here. What's her deal?"

"Guess you're right, Natalie. Nobody. Hmmm..."

"What?" I was confused and angered. He shut the door and left me outside. Then suddenly it started to get worse. The cool breeze turned into a bitter, freezing cold. "That's not cool." I said with a scowling face.

A day passed and no one acknowledged my existance at all. Like I was erased from the world.

On the night of Christmas Eve I thought to myself. Maybe I was dead, maybe this is what it's like to be dead, or a ghost. I cried, I wanted to be with someone instead of haunting my family for the rest of eternity. I barely slept. There wasn't a bed for me, no food, no love. My family has always joked me a lot and I've wanted to be away from them but I wanted to be with them so badly. I fell asleep, with tears falling down my cheeks.

The sound of Christmas music and laughter woke me up that Christmas morning. I walked down stairs knowing that there would be no presents for me and none to give, no family to give anything to. I watched them open presents. Tyler got that Tony Hawk skateboard he wanted. Dad got the most expensive looking cologne in his stocking. And mom got a special pepper-mint smelling bathing kit.

The whole family got ready to go to breakfast and left after they cleaned up the ripped wrapping paper and opened boxes. I was left alone at the house, starving, starving for love, food, and proof I was still alive.

"Hello Carson." I heard a voice call my name and I was startled.

"What the... Whose there?!" I defensively called out.

"That is none of your concern."

"Hell, yeah it is! I've been non-existant for three days and now suddenly someone is talking to me! I need answers!"

"Answers you shall recieve, after you recieve my gift to you." A tall man in a white dress suit suddenly appeared in the arched doorway. His arms were streched out with a small gift wrapped box in his hands.

I looked at him suspiciously and slowly took the box from the man's hands. I unwrapped the box only to reveal another clear metallic box with a red button on the inside.

"Wh-what is this?" I asked nervously.

"A conclusion." He simply stated.

"A conclusion? To what?" I got even more unnerved by the man's presence.

"Your conclusion, it could solve you hunger problem, your "lost-presence" problem, your loneliness problem..." He narrowed his eyes. "Or it could be your demise, maybe even someone else's demise. Someone you care for."

"Stop this now! What happens if I press this button?" I started getting a queasy feeling in my stomach.

He made a cocky smile on his aged, wrinkly face. "I don't know, maybe you should try it out."

I looked down at the mysterious box. I opened the box and placed my finger on the glowing red button. I hesitated. "Wait, what if I choose not to press the button?"

The man looked pleased with my constant cautionous questions. "It is your gift, you can do whatever you like with it. It isn't my choice."

I frowned, what if it does reunite me and my friends and family? The man was still, eager to see my final act with the gift.

"Please answer me this. Am I dead?"

"No." The man said.

"Okay then, screw it. I-I'll do it."

I put a light pressure on the button, then a hard one until the button pressed down.

"Gah!!" I dropped the box. Blood was rushing from my body onto the floor. I looked down. My blood spelled out "666" on the floor.

"Wha? Wahh!! Why?!!!"

"I guaranteed nothing. It was your choice." The man had a devilish grin. "But now that the armageddon button has been activated I'll tell you my scheme."


"Yes, you see the world has become a complete disaster. Humans will kill and sin for money, wealth, fame, and sex. Instead of living together in harmony, loving thy neighbor and family, the whole world wouldn't think twice about calling all out war on each other. It had to be concluded somehow."

"Damn YOU!!"

"No, thank you, for activating the button and ending human civilization, for the better of nature."

"What's going to happen to me? I'm non-existant on Earth, am I?"

"You will be my slave, for all of eternity in Hell. It is the proper punishment for killing over six billion creations of God isn't it? Heheh... Hahaha... HAHAHA!!.. MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Credited to Kinshi57

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