The Christmas Letter from Beyond

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This Night on Christmas Eve, The happiest family is sitting around their beloved fireplace singing a song for everyone to hear, also to make their night even more special. This year the choice of song was " The Parting Glass", They family would take turns singing parts of the song "singing the lyrics". halfway through the song they were stopped by the ringing by doorbell, which made the most uproaring sound to come too one's ears.

The three children sat next to the fire place, while The mother and Father went to go and answer the door as anyone should", When they got to the door The father peeked through the peep whole to see who would be up "9:00pm?" strangely he could not see a soul in sight all he could see was the white, powdery snow that drizzled down every where and the christmas light which made it more brighter.

The father then opened the door to get a better look, he turned his head in all direction's  but when he looked down infront of him he saw a peice of very old paper a letter it was" just laying on the Welcome mat.

He then picked it up and unfolded it and on the inside of the paper, it suprised him to see how big the wording was, it said "DECEMBER 25TH"?. thinking this was just a scam he crumbled the coffee stained, old letter up and through it out into the white abyss.

When shutting the door he turned to the family,

curious of what he found the family stared right back at him. Finaly the youngest one of the children then asked "what was it?" he replied with the answer "It was just some Stupid letter, Nothing More and Nothing Less.Later the family, when finishing up their song heard the sound of  boots, "big steel toe boots" walking on the front pourch? the family began to feel uncomftorable?, when the door bell rang once again, "....Thinking this was nothing but a foolish prank by a couple of teenagers; The father rushed to the door with anger and ready to call the police. He got to the door and slammed it open Exclaiming "WHO EVER IS OUT THEIR !, BEST LEAVE US ALONE! OR ILL CALL THE POLICE AND YOU WILL TALK TO THEM!.

When making his way back into the very cosey house hold, he looked down, and laying their welcome mat, was another old letter. He then picked it up once again and began to unfold it' suprisingly the wording was bigger and it said "SILENT NIGHT"......,  with nothing to say? a silent moment began, as he could not take his eyes off the Damn thing, again He took the letter and  crumbled it up, until it was as small as his pinky finger nail", then he tossed it once again out into the white abyss.

Slamming the door on the way inside the house, He looked at his cheerful but worried family?, giving them a smile to show them their was nothing to fear;  he then began to send the three children up to bed",so that they could wake up early and get the christmas presents they have asked from Santa Clause, when the door bell rang even louder then before. The father was not wanting to answer the door this time Instead he went to call the police.

When he finaly was done dialing  the phone number  the phone  sat their and rang...and rang ,,,,,,and rang?  after a few boring moments the father was begining to feel as if he just lost his mind the  ringing began  to start changing into a more different melodie?, almost if it sounded like Christmas bells.

The father out of fear slammed the phone down with all of his might " breaking the phone into peices from anger, the bells went off even louder, The family began to cover their ears from the most loudest sound in the world when everything stopped to the knock at the front door.looking through the door window stood a black figure, a wide, dark figure who took so much of the window, you could not see any snow?. 

Next to the fire place was a poker that the father picked up for protection in case the man or women was a psychopath or just a crazy old loon?.

getting closer to the door the father was ready for action and as he gripped the door knob, with the figure still covering the window from the other side he finaly swung the door  open. and would know it? as he looked around the snowy abyss, No one was in site?. out of the corner of his eye, in the same place as usual to see the next old trashy piece of paper he picked it up and slowly unfolded  it  his eyes grew wide with fear it said in giant words "DEADLY NIGHT" then  without crumbling the letter up  only just dropping it to the ground,he turned around to see his family directly infront of him but to notice the figure behind them

the startle of the figure in the fathers dream woke him up on time to see his children running in the room, ready to open their Christmas presents. When the kids were done jumping around with excitement the father looked over to the wife who was not sleeping but gone?. She must be down stairs he thought to himself. When he got down stairs the children were all ready to open the presents that sat under the bright, beautiful tree. The father then while walking by the children, then gave them permission to open the colorful wrapped Christmas presents.

Hot black coffee was pooring into the coffee mug when the coffee pot fell from his hands when he looked up to see the demonic form of the once jolly man who stood on the top of the stairs looking down at him with his yellow demonic eyes", fear ran through the fathers body" as he shivered just to stair into the anti clauses pure black pupiles. After the few minutes the figure of Santa Clause began to fade and then dissapeared before his frightened eyes.

After a few minutes, with the father still a little bit shocked of what he just encountered, he finaly got a hold of himself  and that he felt a heavy force just got tooken off his chest and that for the first time that beautiful, loving day was starting to feel more "jolly".

The releaved father then turned to the sound of his children cheering with joy as they played with their new toys. The father then dropped to his knees and began to cry in agony  as the toy's were not just toy's, but were infact mangled, gory body parts of his wife", the children were playing with the finger with the wedding ring, her foot and finaly her once beautiful head that sat on a body. This Christmas was indeed not a white but a red Christmas.

Meanwhile looking at the beautiful, bright and colorful christmas tree, sitting near the top cramped in with some branches for support laid an old, dirty letter which said in huge letters "MERRY CHRISTMAS".

Credited to Jordan98292
Originally uploaded on November 29, 2012

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