The Brakevan (A lost Thomas The Tank Engine episode creepypasta)

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I am an avid lover of Thomas The Tank Engine. So you can only imagine my excitement when I found a DVD of the show I had never seen before at a rare DVD and VHS store. It was simply entitled "The Brakevan". Naturally, I picked it up. When the man at the check-out counter saw what I had picked up, his mouth fell open. "Wh-why are you getting that one?" he asked in fright. "I am an avid lover of the show." I replied. " Very well", said the man. " Watch at your own risk." I arrived home and popped the disk in my DVD player. There was no menu, it cut straight to the episode. The normal opening segment started, but everything seemed tinted red and there was no sign of the famous logo for the series and there was a bit of static. Chalking it all up to nothing more than animation errors, I kept watching. Then it cut to the episode. The narrator was like none I had heard before. Was that a.... German accent? Anyways, The episode started with the narrator saying that it was a normal day on the Island Of Sodor. Everything seemed normal.... According to the narrator, Percy was to take a load of rocks from Knatford Station to Brendam Docks, but there was no more usable breakvans. As Percy explained this dilemma to Thomas, all color drained from his face. " Well... there is one more brakevan. The old brakevan that has never been used, as far as any of us know." " Alright then." Said Percy. The audio then cut out, but from what the scenes showed us, Percy was collecting his trucks for the journey ahead. As Percy was leaving the docks, static like I had never seen before came onto the screen. It continued this way for about 25 seconds. Then, it cut to the top of Gordon's hill. Percy was attempting to pin down his brakes, but the trucks were starting to push him down the hill. Percy tried with all his might to apply his brakes, but to zero avail. This is where things get VERY scary.The next shot is of the Brakevan, with cuts all over his face and a mouth stitched in a smile. Music is playing in reverse, and static is flashing on and off the screen in 3 second increments. The next shot is of Percy hitting a large rock, still applying his brakes into a large cluster of shrubbery. Then he came off the rails, and thanks to sparks from his funnel, his wooden brakes and the shrubbery caught ablaze, with percy screaming in a more realistic voice for help and what we can only assume is the brakevan telling him there is no hope for him in... well,you can guess. The last shot of the episode is Percy's blackened body for 10 seconds and then Percy's sad face with no eyeballs and blood tears.

The end.....?'

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