The Blinking Moon

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Jonathon was your typical man, 5'7, 150 pounds and dark brown hair. He owned a ford and lived in a small apartment. Jonathon soon would never be the same, and would take his own life.

Jonathon loved the outdoors and was always looking for a new trail to hike upon. One night, after he found another, lost, featureless, desolate trail, he was driving home. He had Kansas's Dust in the Wind on the radio. It was a fairly nice night.

Suddenly, Jonathon saw his father in standing in the road. His father passed away 4 years ago because of a serious heart attack. Jonathon was confused, and pulled over and rolled down his window and called out to his father. Jonathon's dear old dad jumped on the windshield, and his face started to become a hideous abomination. His teeth turned green and grew longer; his eyes were cut in half and had the dark unhappy look that the dead have. His skin turned into a regurgitated green, and his hair grew out. His upper body was that of a body builder and his hands were more like claws of a monster from a nightmare. The lower section of his body became that of an arachnid.

He yelled in a voice that sounded like three people talking at once; an elderly man, a younger woman, and a child.


Jonathon saw this creature and closed his eyes. He awoke in a room covered in blood that had sigils all over wall. The sigils were in blood. The creature was above him, and then, everything went black.

Jonathon said all he remembers was awakening in a dark field, seeing non-human creatures walking. He heard the cries of death and the moans of creatures. The skies were black, and the moon was a blinking eye. Whale like creatures flew in the sky, shooting blood from disgusting, morbid, orifices. Creatures that looked like humans that were stitched together walked the land, bleeding from their open wounds. One even fell at Jonathon's feet and made the cries of a small child as it died.

When Jonathon woke up, the corpse of his real father was in his bed in his room. He walked out of his bedroom and the world around him was destroyed. He went insane and killed 3 children. They threw him in the asylum after questioning him.

Later that night, he made sigils with his blood in that asylum, then hung himself and bled out. No one knows where Jonathon went after the car accident. Some say hell, but I believe it was the realm of the banished. Souls the Devil did not want in Hell. The land of evil. They say, it's worse than hell due to the fact it's the devils rejects.

Unspeakable horrors lurk there. Headless men, whale like animals with thousands of teeth.

Death itself is terrified of the unspeakable horror that resides there.

They say if you witness a beast from that realm, your soul goes there, to be hunted day in and day out by horrible creatures.

Children are mutilated and sewn back together in that land.

Unspeakable evils reside there.

To speak of it, is to sin. May you never have the misfortune of seeing a beast from the realm of evil, for your eyes shall be blinded by blood and your mind shall be corrupted by evil.

Credited to Chernobog
Originally uploaded on December 21, 2011

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