Super Mario World: The Massacre

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Author's note: This creepypasta has been said to be false by the Police Department

True Horror

It was a normal day, i had woken up and since i had nothing to do i went outside and saw a garage sale, i went in and checked what was there and i found an SNES and a copy of Super Mario wold in it for 1 dollar

me: hello can i buy this console

salesman: yes you can get it for free!

then i got confused but i didnt care

i bought it but the salesman was grining in an evil way, i didnt care and i went into my house i plugged the snes in and put the cartdridge in the intro was normal but the sound was slower then the game started and that cutscene in yoshi house had no text, i went into yoshi's island 1 but there was no music i grabbed a yoshi but it was red and parts of it looked like they were bitten off but i thought it was a glitch so i shurged . it off i then started eating some enemies but they were killed in a bloody way, i got spooked but i decided to finish the level, then the game froze and the console turned off.

I turn it on again and the game automati cally started on the map, i continued in the game, it was the same except that when i beat the koopalings, yoshi ate them in a realistic way and they bleeded and i got a wtf face and then a screamer showed up and i appeared on the final battle except that bowser had no eyes and his entire flace was bleeding and his skin was black i was like whatt? then the screen showed the devil and it said 666 and the devil said with a diabolic voice: HAHA YOU ARE GONNA DIE I KILLED YOUR FAMILY and then i saw my family die, he also stole my iphone i then pressed a and the cgame contined i took half of the devils life then he controled yoshi and yoshi started attacking mario in a diabolic way

i then started to cry and then mario had 1 live so i thew water at the console and the devil started to die and then i had a heart attack, then i woke up in my friends house but i had one lug i then went back into my house and thew the console away then i went to sleep

Then i woke up and the console was at the top of me i screamed and then turned the console on and started playing again this time the game changed and there was not title screen and i saw mario sucide himself i vomited then the game said "YOU WILL DIE" then i ran away and went to sleep in a park bench then i got bored and went back into my house and then the game said "YOU SHOULDNT HAVE DONE THAT" then the game started stabbing me and i nearly die but i decided to continue playing then i threw some blood fire balls and it took a big chunk of his health then the stage dissapeared and i was teleported to a stage that looked like mortal kombat then bowser throwed some red bombs but i managed to kick them off then bowser got mad and transformed to mega bowser and started attacking mario, i had a mushroom so i survived, then i grabbed a bomb and threw a blood fire ball at it and it exploded bowser, blowing him up and then the console started to burn and the whole house burned out but i scaped then i got a phone call and i found who created it, it was the salesman, he created the game torture me because he was the leader of a cult that my dad was it one time and he wanted revenge and then he dssapeared then i woke up in a mental hospital and then i explained tot hem what happened but they didnt believe me and said i was crazy and dumb


Written by MRTNtheboy
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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