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it was my third year of law school. i was huge fan of sonic and mario but had little time and money to get and play the new mario game (super mario sunshine). i was very annoyed when i got a call from my old friend david who had to move to ohio for college saying that he bought it and loved it. when he asked me if i got it i sadly told him no but he prosceeded to tell me how amazing it was and how it was very different than other mario games but wouldn't tell me how because he didn't want to spoil it. a few weeks later i went home for christmas break to see my little brother when it happened.

as soon as i got home i my mom dad and little brither mike threw me a welcome home party and after it was over i felt unexplainible paranoia that i was being watched but i shrugged off as just not used to being home for awhile. the next morning i yearned to get super mario sunshine and figure out what my friend was talking about but i didn't want to get something that might have already been waiting for me under the tree. after two days of christmas movies and listening to my little brother do his rendition of rudolf the red nosed reindeer christmas finally came. i checked all of the presents my mom and dad had gotten me (50 dollars a wristwatch and new shirts and pants) but there was no super mario sunshine to be found. i walked out onto the porch to get a breath of fresh air when i saw a package on the ground. this was very odd since most companies don't ship on christmas. it had no name or address but had my name on it so i opened it up and sitting there in that brown cardboard bow was super mario sunshine.

i was so happy i almost tripped walking inside. "whats that?" my mom said as i walked back inside.

"it's super mario sunshine" i replied happily. by there confused faces i could tell this was not from them so i emmidiately supposed it was from david. i told them my suspition about who sent it and proceded to plug in mike's gamecube and start the game up. when the title screen showed up there was a taken save file that said david so i created a new save with the name mario and started the playing. i didn't i...i couldn't stop playing that day i dont know if it was just that it was a great game or something else. on my second to last day of winter break i saved right before what i thought was the final boss to get used to my normal sleeping hebits in school. when i woke up the next morning i ran down the stairs to play the game but cried as soon as i walked in the room. there lying dead in front of the television screen was mike with the controler next to him and the tv on. i ran in to try and shake him awake but it was no use. the paramedics arrived and declared him dead but thats not why i'm telling this story. there on the tv screen was my save file but the game was complete and the title was mike.

Credited to Xcizer
Originally uploaded on December 19, 2012

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