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A guy known as james had party round at his place,he was 'off his head drunk' , he wasn't thinking. he decided to break some stuff to impress his friends. his friends got a pile of suff from his basement and he started to demolish the pile of junk with a cricket bat sometime later he had broken most of his junk , but he couldn't seem to break a certain object... an old dusty copy of super mario 64

later that night most of james' friends had left and james was in the begining of what could possibly be the mother of all hangovers. james couldn't seem to remember what happened at the party, but what he could remember was breaking a pile of junk and not being able to break a game that he once loved. he went through his pile of stuff that he had reduced down to dust and found a copy of mario 64. for some reason the sticker on the cartride was half torn of, the half without the sicker had tiny writing that james could hardly make out with a magnifiing glass,james read out the message : 'for the sake of your life, DO NOT PLAY' james looked at the message and thought it was a joke,so instead of getting rid of the game he dusted of his N64 put the game in and sat down. he turned on his television and set the source to scart. as he did so,he felt a static shock from the tv and fell to his knees, he looked up and saw his tv in static. the sound of the tv static got louder and louder, then the sound of static turned into a loud screech and under the screech he could hear what sounded like the mix between a DOS booting up and an infant screeming. then at the hight of it all mario appeared on screen,but there was somthing different the mario on screen was not the mario head from mario 64 it was the mario head from mario teaches typing 2

mario was still for five minutes but then he stared saying lines from mario teaches typing 2 but as he was saying it, he was getting slower and slower and slower until he stopped and looked directly at james marios smile slowly turned into an evil grin. james couldnt speek, he was so scared that he wet himself there on the spot mario then tilted his head and said in a demonic voice: pressa start you know youa wanta to go on go on go on go on then in a flash james shut off the console, ran to the toilet and vomited his guts up feeling releaved, james went to bed.

james fell into a deep sleep. he dreamed about a kid of about 5 years old screeming and hiding behind his dads leg, james didn't know what was going on until he looked into the corner of the room and saw a DOS computer with marios head on screen that had become self aware saying:

am ia scaringa you ?

mario head then pulled the same evil grin a started laughing demonicly mario then dissapeared off screen and the dad fell on the floor dead. james then woke up screeming


that scream was followed by mario yelling SHUT UP

james then walked to his living room and saw the mario head on screen

this time with photorealistic red eyes mario then started getting closer to the screen laughing demonicly every 2 moves a still of a man on the floor, decoposing,with his end trails hanging out of his gut would appear then static appeared on screen with a 5 year old in the background screaming: DADDY DADDY NOOOO DAAAAADDY....

james, scared out of his skin, felt a liquid coming from his eyes he put his finger up to his eye, pulled it away and realised he was bleeding from his eyes he heard the same demonic laugh surounding him in the living room james screemed then dropped to the floor, fell into cardiac arrest and layed there ,decomposing, in a pool of his own blood.

Credited to That1guy69
Originally uploaded on November 18, 2012

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