Super Mario 64: Glitch.Discovered

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Hi, I'm Harry. I grew up playing Super Mario 64. I had fond memories of it. I haven't played it since I was 6 or 7? Don't really remember, but still. I played it all the time. So, I decided to relive my nostalgia and play Super Mario 64 again.

I went to my attic. The N64. It was still there. It looked old and rugged but I was still sure that it would run Super Mario 64. I saw the cartridge on the floor next to it. However, it was more different than I remembered. It had a note on it. This is what the note said:

'Do not discover the glitch.'

I was confused. Was there a glitch? A error, prehaps? I had to investigate. Nervously, I ran down the attic stairs with my N64 and cartridge in tow. My hands shook as I plugged the N64 into my TV. My hands shook even more for fear as I reached for the cartridge and put it gently into the thing where the cartridge goes. It started up like normal.

It showed the save files instantly. No Mario head was seen. The only save file was my old save file. With 62 Stars. As I clicked on it, the Star count went down to -1. This wouldn't happen normally for people. I was starting to know something fishy was going on.

Peach's note was, blank. That was strange. The next thing I knew, the first cutscene played. Lakitu was, gone. The camera panned to almost the center of the castle. It flew towards the pipe at a slow speed. My hands were shaking. Awaiting Mario's arrivial. I saw him jump out. I heard one thing.

'Yahoo! Haha!'

It was just like the original. Then, I noticed that this wasn't the normal voice for Mario. It sounded very scratchy and deep. Like a old man. Mario's head was missing. His hat was missing, too.

'Huh?' I thought. I was shocked, yet confused. This couldn't have been real. But. The thing is, it was real. So, I should've stopped playing it for good by now. But, for some reason, I couldn't stop.

I began to walk around outside of Peach's Castle. However, there were no ambient noises. No running water, no footsteps, no nothing. Mario's voice was, gone. I tried to open the door. It let me inside. A textbox appeared.

'This is my castle! You will pay! Hmhahaha!'

It was a textbox from Bowser. I thought it was Peach's Castle. But, I was wrong. The hallway seemed, cramped. It seemed to be endless. After 3 minutes of doing nothing but walking to the discordant sounds of screaming and furious crying, I was in the lobby of the castle.

The music was, off. It was in a minor-key. It felt more suspicious. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. The doors have been blocked off by a range of different blocks into ? Blocks and POW Blocks. I thought those blocks didn't exist in Super Mario 64. But, I guess I was wrong. The only door that was actually not blocked was the door leading to Bob-Omb Battlefield. I jumped into the painting. There was only one mission.

'Fight King-Bob-Omb on the Summit!'

I moved to it. I clicked on it. Honestly, I kinda felt paranoid. Something was, off. Something wasn't clear. Who was behind this? Then, I heard the classic Mario voice say something so iconic that I got goosebumps of nostalgia all over my arms.

'Let'sa go!'

I landed in the level. There were no Bob-Omb's anywhere. The music was distorted. Textures of Bob-Omb's began to appear. A textbox appeared.

'Do you remember this place, Harry? This used to be your favorite place, but now, it is in ruins, it is all your fault.'

I was shocked beyond belief. I was felt speechless. The music suddenly cut out as I began to walk up the normal bridge. There were no Goomba's there. Another textbox appeared.

'You are lying to yourself, Harry. By playing this, you are at the risk of the hands of the beholder, this game is not yours. Turn this system off now.'

I tried turning my system off. It wouldn't work. A glint of darkness was seen surrounding the Chain Chomp. The darkness cleared. The Chain Chomp was also gone. A textbox appeared.

'Do you remember the fun that we have been through? You cannot hide it from me, I know that you cannot forgive your own sins and your soul that you desire. Give up.'

I was teleported up to the very summit. King Bob-Omb was staring me down. He had a crazy look on his face. His mustache was covered in what seemed to be pixelated-looking blood. I was starting to get the feeling that this wasn't a normal copy of Super Mario 64. A textbox appeared from King Bob-Omb himself.

You will always live with the feeling of doubt, Harry. You are not the one who is in control…

Suddenly, King-Bob-Omb looked at Mario. Mario suddenly actually had a head. But his eyes looked, off. His hat now had a S on it. What did the S mean? The S stands for Sins. I gasped. What was this game trying to tell me about? The sins that I have once committed. Oh God no!

King Bob-Omb exploded into a pile of what seemed to be low-poly and very low-quality looking ink. Which was accurate. Since he was black and ink was black. So, I didn't judge. But I was still pretty on-edge. I took the Star. The normal Star jingle didn't play. Instead of being taken outside of the painting, I was placed at where I started. A textbox appeared.

'Bug report: Nintendo has found a glitch within the code of this game, the glitch was labelled as Glitch.Discovery in a unknown document made by the person who made this 'normal version' of Super Mario 64. If you see anything odd, contact us.'

The glitch was in the game. The textures bugged out. Everything seemed weird. The normal Bob-Ombs seemed sad. A textbox appeared.

'Hope is lost, Harry, hope is lost.'

The mission was to climb to the top of the summit. The music was in reverse and it sounded like a old music-box. That was creepy and unsettling. I saw something fly right past the screen. I jumped in shock. It was a version of Mario with red eyes. I howled with fear.

I saw signs. Placed in weird positions. There were 3 signs with nothing on them. Actually nothing. Just a bunch of random numbers that didn't make quite much sense. What I didn't tell you is that there is actually a fourth sign with a number that does mean something. This is what the sign read.


It was my own age. I got scared. I was shook. H-how? How? How did they know? A textbox soon appeared.

'We all know what you have done, Harry.'

I made my way up to the top of the sunmit. In the middle, I saw a Mario without a face. He didn't move. So, I decided to walk into him. It sent to a Big Boo's Haunt-like level. This one was pretty small. There was a tombstone. With only three words engraved into it.

'Hope is lost.'

The N64 shut off. I was shocked. I was stunned. I was speechless. I was so scared. Was I to blame? Who made this version? These questions would never see the light of day.

After that, I decided to sell my N64. But it came back to me. I guess all hope was really lost. I never touched the game ever again.

Written by TheBigLG
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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