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So I recently got all DLC for my games but one game I didn't have yet was Mario Maker, I guess you can say I saved the best for last...

So I went on the Nintendo Eshop as usual to buy Mario Maker, it was only 6.66$ , what a deal!

So after I installed it and everything its time to make some mayro levels. It let me test a unfinished level 1 as usual but instead the text box when i died it said "You shouldn't have done that" I was so scared at this point . It then went to the maker, but something was real off, the sky was slight bluer then usual and the music was PLAYING IN REVERSE! The box where you put stuff in your level was full of dead people!

The timer was 666 , so i dragged a dead body into the level but instead of the weird annoying robotic sound it was a stabbing sound effect with a screaming. I was sooooooooooooooo scared I shit my pants!!!

Anyway so I played the level but Mario looked sad and scared as he played my bad level. After I completed the level a text box said "It seems your having a little bit of fun, wouldn't it be a shame if something HAPPENED". I shit my pants because the text box was so loud and the font, IT , IT WAS COMIC SANS IN ALL CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Then I unlocked a new game mode but instead of it being new super mario bros it was sonic.exe because why not have a crossover?

Then Mario started to move on his own and then gave me the finger then killed himself. Then the bitch from the grudge came out of my TV! (Grudge , the ring whatever same fucking movie ghost)

She then jumped out my window and died. I was confused what just happened since it was so fast and pointless... I then realized i could put amiibo's in the mario maker so i put bowser first and instead of bowser it was a bloody skeleton named GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG from 3293203929. So then I tapped yoshi and instead of yoshi it was Kermit the frog but he was named FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF from 483483490834328. I was now really happy I could play as Kermit but the game didn't allow me to do that for some reason. Then a voice said "I'm sorry Dave, but i'm afraid I can't do that". MY NAME'S NOT DAVE!!! So i fucking punched my TV screen and then threw it out the window because i'm a fucking badass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But mario maker was still on so I smashed my Wii U with a sledgehammer breaking the table it was sitting on to. I then ate all of my games , I then realized I was turning into worlds biggest asshole. Soooooo I went to my friends house to forget like all of this just happened.

My friend then told me he was going to another friends house to play mario maker with him since friend 3 also had mario maker. I told friend 2 not to go since I had quite a experience with Mario Maker. My friend then said cool , but still wanted to go.

So when we got to 3rd friends house he turned on mario maker because apparently thats the first thing you do when you invite your friend over. Friend 3 had over 9,000 mario amiibo's because friend 3 has weird sex fantasies about mario apparently he told us. Good to know i said, Then when he showed us his levels all of his levels were deleted and were replaced with not edited levels all named HAIL SATAN. I then got the sledge hammer and smashed his TV.

So friend 3 started a fit so i hit his stupid ass with the sledge hammer and so i did with friend 2 as well.

I then realized I "accidentally" murdered my friends with a sledgehammer. How sad day was is :(

So 2 days later I went to game stop to buy a new Wii U but the cashier told me all the Wii U's were sold out and they were left with a bootleg console the Yee U full of dank memes. It was only 6.66$ what a deal! So I bought the "Yee U" and brought it home. Then I realized the Yee U was alive and trying to kill me, So I trained it to be more nice and not so aggressive so i gave it a skooks snack.

I then went on the Yeetendo Yee Shop (That's what its called...) . And bought super mario maker (Yes again the game that ruined me and made me kill my friends...). It was only 6.66$ dollars, I then started to get a little suspicious with the price and then realized its referencing 666!!! I shit my pants the 3rd time because of how scary this was!!!

So i bought another version of mario maker for 40 dollars or some shit like that, Thanks.

I then played it and a ghost came out of my ass and told me I died yesterday. So that means I WAS THE GHOST THE WHOLE TIME.

AND SO ARE YOU A GHOST. I then took off my face revealing I was a robot mario the whole time. and my house was in the middle of the Gobi desert. The camera then zoomed in on my face and everyone accept me died.

The endf.

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