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I managed to get my hands on an old unfinished version of Super Mario Galaxy a while ago. Actually, I'm pretty sure this is just a hacked bootleg due to the horrible and shocking sequences I've encountered through it.

I was searching for unfinished versions of Wii games for months now and I can't believe I've actually found this Super Mario Galaxy copy. Now unfinished copies can be glitchy, so I inserted the game into my second Wii. The Wii showed me a few errors saying it could not read the disk at first, but finally managed to successfully read the disk. The title screen of the game that showed on the Wii menu just showed the game logo. Nothing else. There was no space background and no sound to go along with it. Just the game logo. I started the game.

When I started the game, it just skipped to the title screen. It never showed any warnings or advertisements that you would usually see when you start a game. Anyways, I selected a file to create, and from the menu that showed you what icon to select for the file, things started to get a little disturbing.

One of the icons was a picture of a separate Mario head, both eyes popped out with blood spilling out. Half of Mario's mouth was missing, revealing his jaw and part of his skull. The icon was labeled "Do Not Use". I used it anyways out of curiosity. Then, the music in the background stopped playing after the game created the file until I actually started the file.

The music started playing again, only was very loud and would lag every now and then. The game started as usual (with Princess Peach inviting Mario to her castle for some cake during the Star Festival). However, when the game actually started after the title video sequence, there were no Toads around. However as I got closer to Princess Peach's castle (there was no video sequence with Bowser or anything), I saw what appeared to be dead Toad bodies all around me. They looked so realistic, like they were designed for a Legend of Zelda game instead of a Mario game. I started to get even more frightened, but I carried on anyways. When I arrived at the castle, the Bowser video sequence finally started. However there was no other characters in it besides Bowser, who looked pretty different than the usual Bowser, but I don't know how to explain the difference. What disturbed me the most though was that the scene was done in blood red colors, and instead of the sequence having Bowser lift the castle up into space, it just showed him shooting it down and it exploding in a realistic fashion. What happened next disturbed me most of all.

The game cut to black for a fairly long time, before flashing a horrendous picture of a Luma without its eyes. A large part of its body was missing and there was blood all over its face. It looked at the player, sort of smiling with its skull. But what was worst of all was that the picture was also colored in blood red and that a horrible, loud, and painful sound played in the background that probably filled my entire house. I was shocked when I realized it was a more morbid version of the song that played in the Comet Observatory. Just seeing the picture made me lose it and I threw up right there on my carpet. I quickly shut off my Wii, and took the game disk out. I broke it in half and threw it in the trash. I never wanted to see it again.

Till this very day I am still praying that this horrible sequence I encountered was just a morbid hack and not actually made by Nintendo. But all in all, for a reason I don't really know why, I still love the Mario series... and Super Mario Galaxy.

Credited to MoMo6

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