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Well, hi. I'm obsessed with Sonic and here's a thing: I downloaded the Sonic CD 2011 port on my jailbroken iPad 1 with Cydia. I had the European/Japanese soundtrack on. Then, after beating the whole game as Sonic, I eventually unlocked Tails and after that, I played a little bit of Among Us and then decided to go to read The Cutting Room Floor.

Chapter 1. The Personalisation AI in Sonic CD?

Inspired by Every Copy of Super Mario 64 is Personalised

I was excited to enable the thing. I went to iFile, there, I found various things, including the unused pointers, Retro Engine dev menu, the manual, the Desert Dazzle level, a wallpaper and a leftover demo screen. After that, I suddenly found an unused folder which was called pAI. I was excited, so I enabled it by editing the settings file and toggling the pAI pointer to true. I've opened the game, but, after the loading screen, suddenly I saw an unhappy Amy with this text underneath her:

Warning! This copy of Sonic CD is personalised, meaning that the Personalisation AI is on. The consequences may vary.

I thought "What the hell is the Personalisation AI doing in Sonic CD? Also, anyways we are just testing. What if nothing will happen?". Then, I proceeded. Then, the title screen appeared.

Chapter 2. SonicCD.exe/The Sonic.exe Mode

Inspired by JC the Hyena MY5TCrimson's Sonic.exe and Lucsan2015's Sonic CD Alternative Ending

I touched the screen and I landed on the intro. After the intro, in the main menu, I decided to play as Tails. Palmtree Panic was the same. When the final Act of Palmtree Panic started with the Bad Future, the level name was just PALM and the music was guess what. It is not the usual Palmtree Panic Bad Future, it was instead Hill Act 1 (the in-game version) from the Sonic.exe game. Water was red and the sky was black. The level was completely empty, with just plain terrain and trees. Then, suddenly, I saw broken monitors, broken Robot Transporters and fire. After the boss, I went to Collision Chaos, which was the Bad Future version already. It was called just CHAOS and the music was the Japanese boss music. That was usual, because I had the European/Japanese soundtrack on. However, the layout was the Present Act 1 version. Despite I was playing as Tails, there is Amy. But she is crying, hopefully, without any sounds. Instead of Metal Sonic, I saw Sonic.exe. Then, he did that one pose while he was going to kill Tails in the original creepypasta, but, suddenly, the real Sonic himself came, saved Amy, turned into a ring, spawned a Giant Ring and teleported himself and Amy into it. Tails facepalmed. Then Act 2 was the same as the previous Act, but without objects and any cutscenes, also without Amy. Act 3, however, was the same as an objectless Act 1 without objects, cutscenes and Amy, but at the end of the Act, I met the boss from Act 3, however, I saw the label "FUN IS INFINITE" in the same style as Sonic 1's COPE in the Spring Yard level. That was justified, as Majin Sonic was replacing Dr. Robotnik. The boss music was the US one however. I slapped the screen. Suddenly, Tails ran away and the actual FUN IS INFINITE screen appeared, with the same music as the boss. Suddenly, I unlocked the level select, similarly to Sonic 3D Blast. The music was the Japanese/European boss music. I decided to play Desert Dazzle as Tails.

Desert Dazzle sent me instead to Green Hill Zone, which was called Hill Act 1 and had the Sonic.exe Hill Act 1 music as the level music. It was plain terrain with trees and flowers. Later, it turned into the actual Hill Act 1, with the dead animals and rusty flowers. Also, the trees were dull. At the end, all of it stopped and it became just plain terrain again, but now, without any trees, flowers or dead animals. I saw Sonic, who has got closed eyes. Tails decided to touch him, but it turned out to be Sonic.exe.

The next level was Hidden Palace. The scrapped one. From the Simon Wai prototype. The music was Stardust Speedway Bad Future. I started controlling Tails. Hidden Palace Act 1 was completely empty, with just plain terrain. I passed the goal post, then, after that, I went to Act 2. Instead of Hidden Palace, however, it was called HIDE AND SEEK. Indeed, the music was Klonoa 2's Ruin of Sadness, AKA the theme when Eggman meets Shadow in the Space Colony ARK. Tails was sad, as he even pointed to go back. Sonic.exe started chasing Tails, with the Sonic 1 drowning music. Tails fell and started crying. I escaped and decided to play Among Us a little bit. Then, I decided to go back to the game, get to the Level Select and play as Sonic.

It was again Hidden Palace, now Act 3. The music seemed to be really sad to me. Sonic was exhausted and tired. Sonic started to slowly walk, seeing creepy messages like GOD INFLUENCES THE SELFISH, YOU CAN'T RUN and I AM HERE FOR YOU. Sonic collapsed. Then, he slept. He was woken up by Kefka's laugh. The US boss music started, as Sonic started to race Sonic.exe. Later, the music became the Sonic 2 SMS bad ending. Sonic started running. Then, Sonic.exe became angry, while Sonic stopped. Sonic saw a little Flicky flying around. Sonic.exe goes away. Later, Sonic.exe throws spikes to kill that Flicky. Sonic looks up to the sky, to see another message, GOD INFLUENCES THE SELFISH. Sonic fell and started crying. Sonic.exe laughed like Kefka. I escaped again and decided to watch Sonic for Hire's Burger Time. Later, I thought "I can beat that monster. I can do it. What if everybody survived?". Then, I decided to go back to the game, get to the Level Select and go to Metallic Madness.

In Metallic Madness, however, I played as three characters now, Sonic, Tails and Amy. They all encounter Sonic.exe, who laughs like Kefka. In response, Sonic says "You will know your fate now." and pulls out a gun, pointing it at Sonic.exe. Later, Dr. Robotnik and Metal Sonic joined the trio. Sonic.exe started to run. He is chased by Sonic, Tails, Amy, Dr. Robotnik and Metal Sonic. Sonic says "Now, I can get rid of you, bad guy." and shoots Sonic.exe, killing him. Suddenly, Mario asked "WHO WAS PHONE?", while pointing at Sonic, only to be killed by being shot by Sonic.exe and then disintegrated by Dr. Robotnik. Sonic shoots Sonic.exe, killing him.

I unlocked the good ending. It was the same as the original. Later, I was greeted by a picture of the gang relaxing in Green Hill Zone near various alive Flickies, text saying "YOU'RE TOO COOL!" and the Sonic CD logo.

Chapter 3. The Knuckles Apparition

Inspired by The Wario Apparition

I decided to play some Among Us and then go back to the game. I played as Tails again. Everything was the same as the original Sonic CD but after I got through Collision Chaos Act 3, Tidal Tempest's Act 3 boss was, however, Tails racing the Knuckles Apparition. Well, suddenly, it went on to a dialogue:

Tails: Hey Knucklehead, isn't that funny that you are racing me?

Knuckles: You want fun? Time for a knuckle sandwich!

Tails: What?

Knuckles: I mean: You want fun? Knuckles show you fun!

Tails: Bruh, that's that sussy meme about the Wario Apparition.


Tails spawns a vent and vents away.

Knuckles: Oh no!

Eventually, Knuckles sees Mario chasing him. He challenges Knuckles into a rap battle, involving them singing FNF vs Sonic.exe's Prey.

In the second half, Knuckles became faster, while Mario revealed himself to be Sonic.exe. Sonic.exe pulls out a Time Stone-shooting gun.

Knuckles: Oh no!

Sonic.exe shoots a Time Stone into Knuckles' back. The Time Stone stabs Knuckles, killing him. Sonic.exe does his classic Kefka laugh and runs away. Tails comes out from the vent and destroys the capsule.

Chapter 4. The Super Mario Curse

Inspired by MY5TCrimson's Sonic.exe, The Tails Doll Curse, Ben Drowned and the Captain Midnight HBO 1986 hacking

After watching Sonic for Hire, I decided to download some mods. That worked, as I got the Mario mod. It worked. I was playing as Luigi. He was walking through World 1-1.

However, it had the Song of Unhealing as the music, also the level started to become rusty and ruined. Eventually, he meets Mario with closed eyes at the end of the level. Mario turns out to be Sonic.exe.

Later, the game turned into Among Us instead. I was playing as Luigi on MIRA HQ with its lights turned off after an Impostor sabotage. He is walking around the map. After a vent sound, Luigi has found Link (Zelda)'s dead body. He was going to report it, only to be stabbed by Sonic.exe using Link's sword. Later, I turned off my iPad and I decided to watch some TV. However, during one of the broadcasts, it was abruptly interrupted by a test card with Sonic.exe near a Ben Drowned statue, with a message from Captain Midnight and the Song of Unhealing playing.

Chapter 5: The Tails Doll and Max Headroom Curse

Inspired by The Tails Doll Curse and Max Headroom

Then, I turned off the TV and decided to play Sonic R. I unlocked Tails Doll, but when I lost, the TV turned on itself, all I heard was buzzing and bells. I looked at that TV, only to see Max Headroom bobbing his head near static. I heard a message: "The dead bodies are rising from their graves and a zombie apocalypse is starting.". Later, I suddenly saw Sonic.exe and Tails Doll killing Max Headroom. I screamed and turned off the TV.

Chapter 6: Sweet Dreams?

Inspired by MY5TCrimson's Sonic.exe, The Tails Doll Curse, Ben Drowned and Max Headroom

I was trying to sleep. However, I had nightmares featuring Sonic.exe, the Wario Apparition, Ben Drowned, the Tails Doll and of course, my worst enemy, Max Headroom.

Chapter 7: Unused Ending

Inspired by Lucsan2015's Sonic CD Alternative Ending

After having nightmares, I decided to play Sonic CD yet again. It was completely normal, but after Tidal Tempest, an ending unlocked. There, Sonic activated all of the Time Stones, saved Amy and decided to sit with Tails and Amy to investigate Sonic.exe. Among the videos, Sonic, Tails and Amy decided to investigate the Sonic CD Alternative Ending, thinking it is propaganda spread by Sonic.exe. They watched it, eventually Tails and Amy started crying due to the scene where Sonic was in Emerald Hill. Sonic shad a tear when he himself cried when he saw Tails and Amy being dead in the ending. After Sonic rushed off in the ending, Sonic turned the computer off.

Chapter 8: Among Us is Madness

Inspired by MY5TCrimson's Sonic.exe, The Tails Doll Curse, Ben Drowned, the Captain Midnight HBO 1986 hacking, Max Headroom and Lucsan2015's Sonic CD Alternative Ending

I decided to play a little bit more Among Us, then I decided to go back to Sonic CD. However, a new mode was unlocked. It was the Among Us mode.

It showed I was a Crewmate and there are 3 Impostors. The Crew was Sonic (as whom I was playing), Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Dr. Robotnik, Metal Sonic, Alternative Ending Knuckles, Mario, Sonic.exe, Luigi and Max Headroom (Noooooo).

The map was The Skeld. It was almost completely identical to Among Us, besides the characters. I spawned in Cafeteria, along with the others. I had these tasks: swipe the card in Admin, scan in MedBay, make a chart of the way in Navigation and unlock manifolds in Reactor. I scanned in MedBay, unlocked manifolds in Reactor and made a chart of the way in Navigation. I wanted to also swipe the card in Admin, but Luigi reported Knuckles' dead body. This was the chat of the voting:

Sonic: Where?

Luigi: I reported the body in Electrical.

Mario: Vote Robotnik



Sonic: Vote Mario

Mario got voted off. He was thrown into space and ejected. Mario was not an Impostor. 3 Impostors remain.

I spawned in Cafeteria with the others again. I decided to go to Admin, where I swiped the card. But then, I saw Alternative Ending Knuckles vent in MedBay and go away. I decided to go to call a meeting, only for Alternative Ending Knuckles to report Luigi's dead body. This was the chat of the voting:

Sonic: Where?

Alternative Ending Knuckles: I reported the body in Electrical.


Tails: According to Sonic, Alt Knuckles is the Impostor.

Alt Knuckles got voted off. He was thrown into space and ejected. Alt Knuckles was an Impostor. 2 Impostors remain.

I decided to go to the cameras. There, I saw Max Headroom killing Metal Sonic on the hallway merging Reactor and Security. Later, I decided to go there and reported the dead body. This was the chat of the voting:

Tails: Where?

Sonic: I reported the body in a hallway between Security and Reactor.

Amy: Who?

Sonic: Robotnik is a Crewmate. Max Headroom is SUS. I saw him kill Metal Sonic.

Max Headroom got voted off. He was thrown into space and ejected. Max Headroom was an Impostor. 1 Impostor remains.

Later, Sonic.exe started chasing Amy, I decided to call an emergency meeting. This was the chat of the voting:

Tails: Why?

Sonic: Sonic.exe is SUS! I saw him chase Amy!

Amy: That's true!

Sonic.exe got voted off. He was thrown into space and ejected. Max Headroom was the Impostor.

I got the good ending and a Victory screen featuring the survivors on it, along with Knuckles, Metal Sonic and Luigi's ghosts.


After that, I decided to turn off the pAI pointer, to prevent any more anomal consequences. Everything was normal.

I've learned my lesson: To not have any anomal consequences, please don't enable a feature without knowing the consequences.


  • Originally, I wanted this pasta to have only the first two chapters, but I decided to make it longer.
  • PSA: Please don't be like Max Headroom or that guy who triggered the Captain Midnight 1986 HBO hacking.
  • Recently, I made the sequel to this pasta. It is about me trying to investigate the SEGA World Sydney demolition and ending up in The Backrooms.

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