Sonic Boom: The Fog

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Has anybody watched the show Sonic Boom? It used to air on Cartoon Network but it was removed one day and it now airs on Boomerang. It has 104 episodes but there is a episode that not that many people know about called The Fog. It only aired once and was very weird and other stuff. I saw it on YouTube cause somebody uploaded it.

The episode started with the theme song as it always does, but the screen kept flickering to a black screen every second. When the logo appeared it was covered in dirt and Eggman was not there. The title card showed a still from the episode where Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, and Sticks were sitting on the ground with blank stares.

The episode started with a rain storm in the village. Sonic was lying on the sofa and said, "Hey Knuckles and Tails, wanna play Tomato Hippo 2?" Knuckles came out and said "Heck yeah!" and Tails said "Sure!"

They came out, but then a window opened by the wind and a black fog came in and sonic said, coughing, "What the heck is this?" Sonic's eyes shut and he fell onto the floor and barfed. He started to cry with his eyes closed. Tails ran to Sonic and said, "S-s-s-s-sonic please wake up!" He ran to Knuckles and hugged him tightly and cried and said "Sonic's dead!"

"He might not be dead tails" Knuckles then fell and then said "Tails take good care of yourself" and died. Tails then ran to Amy's room but Amy was already dead. He ran to Sticks and told her what happened. Sticks said "Tails, we might have to go to Eggman to ask him to help!"

They then grabbed gas masks out of nowhere and ran out of the house and went to eggman's base and knocked on the door. Eggman answered and said "Lemme guess, the fog. Ugh come in." It then showed lots of villagers in his base scared and covered in rain. Sticks then told Tails to sit down and she went to talk to Eggman. Tails then ran to the base's door and Sticks said "Tails no don't!"

Tails opened the door and the fog came in and everybody except Tails, Sticks, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot ran out. Tails then ran out and went to a river. Sticks ran to him and said "Tails what are you doing?!"

"I wanna see my friends!!" Tails took the gas mask off and jumped into the river and sank to the bottom. Sticks then cried and then took the gas mask off and sat down. Then the ghosts of Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy appeared beside her and they all had blank stares. The episode then switched to the credits. At the end of the credits it said, "Goodbye Sonic Boom the TV series". The video then replayed a lot of times and I exited out of the tab and browser and I heard my window open and fog come in.

Credited to The fire lord99 

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