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It all began when Micheal, a 5 year old gamer and a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, had been told stories by his parents; stories about his parents playing Mario on their Nintendo and Pac-Man on their old Atari 2600 when they were kids. Micheal's parents, although told many stories, were angry and abusive toward their son. They would ground him for no reason, emotionally and physically abusing Micheal, who was a young fat boy, could not bear the pain. Micheal's parents always told him how they stored their old systems in a box in their attic.

One Sunday, Micheal's parents were fast asleep with earplugs on and put a sign on their door that said 'Do not disturb'. Micheal loved to play Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations on his XBox 360, but had a strong curiosity for classic games. Micheal was playing Sonic Generations, fighting the Egg Dragoon boss. While he was doing so, he beat Eggman's machine and decided to turn off the console. Micheal, out of boredom and curiosity,  was tempted to go into the attic and retrieve one of the old systems for himself, but his parents had told him not to so many times, but he was a sensitive little boy. But Micheal, knowing that his parents were fast asleep, decided to attempt to sneak into the attic and retrieve the old Nintendo and Atari his parents used to play.

Micheal then got up and walked out his door and walked toward the attic stairs. Once he got into his attic, he felt a slight cold breeze come over him and it reeked of the stench of a dead rodent. Micheal looked around to see almost nothing but one box, it appeared to be entirely open so he looked into the opening. Micheal hoped it would be full of several game systems, but it only contained one system that read Sega Genesis. "My parents never played the Nintendo or the Atari!", he thought to himself. Micheal decided to take the old system downstairs anyways, only out of curiosity for classic games, but when Micheal picked up the system, it didn't feel old. It felt like it had just been recently used. Being young, this didn't put any sort of strange feeling into Micheal's head. Micheal saw that there was something under the system, it was an old Sega game that read "Sonic the Hedgehog".

"Oh boy, an old Sonic game!", he thought to himself. Micheal decided to take the Sega downstairs and play Sonic. Even though he was young, Micheal was able to figure out how to plug in the cords. He turned on the TV and waited for the Sega to load. Upon loading the game, it seemed normal. Micheal plugged in the Sonic game and proceeded to wait for the game to load. "I'm so excited and my meanie parents don't know, hehehe.", said Micheal.

Micheal then saw the game load, it was the Sonic the Hedgehog title screen with the Green Hill Zone in the background. As the game loaded, Micheal started off at what said 'Stage 1: Green Hill Zone'. Micheal saw a classic, pixelated Sonic and proceeded to move around with him. As Micheal ran into enemies, he lost some rings, but jumped on them to kill them. Out of the enemies came no animals, but the enemies just turned gray and lay on the ground. Micheal thought this was to be in the original game as he never played it before, so he proceeded on.

Micheal then went stage through stage of Green Hill Zone levels until he got to the Egg Wrecking Ball boss. Micheal saw that Dr. Robotnik had a sad look on his face as if he was about to die, but just ignored this and proceeded on. Micheal kept on jumping on the green rods and jumped into the Wrecking Ball machine several times until it was destroyed and said that Micheal won the fight. Micheal then saw Eggman run away crying and a text box popping up saying, "You devil! You just had to torment me again!".

Micheal didn't ignore this, he started crying, but his parents didn't hear him. Micheal closed his eyes and cried for 10 minutes until he opened his eyes and as he slowly looked up, he saw something gruesome. He saw that the Green Hill Zone was gray with mist surrounding it, but the worst new feature was Sonic. He had no eyes, just hollow, dark eye sockets and he was gray. Sonic looked dead and so did the enemies walking around the zone. Micheal felt uneasy, but was intrigued to keep playing.

Micheal proceeded to try to move Sonic, but he just wouldn't move. A text box then appeared saying, "Destroy the game Micheal, or he'll come for you too.". Micheal felt frightened, but kept trying to move Sonic with tears running down his cheeks and confusion running through his head. Now another text box appeared saying, "Stop trying to save me. He'll come for me, but he won't be able to come for you. Just destroy the game.".

Micheal then felt this was real. "Who's coming?", asked Micheal. Sonic just stood there, smiling at Micheal, then another text box appeared saying, "You're gonna be okay, old buddy.". Micheal then saw something pop up behind Sonic, it was a dark figure with horns, wings and claws. "Goodbye...", Sonic said through the TV speakers. The dark figure then stabbed Sonic with its claws and began to absorb him. In about 3 minutes, the figure looked a little like Sonic, but something was entirely different. Sonic was completely dark with glowing red eyes and razor sharp teeth that came from his mouth with a menacing smile. He stared at Micheal. Micheal started crying and screaming as Sonic began to speak.

"Hello, you fat little fuck, I just want to eat your soul!".

"Who are you? What did you do with Sonic?", asked Micheal.

Sonic stood there for a few seconds, smiling with his razor sharp teeth, and began to speak.

"Micheal, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Satan. Now just lend yourself over and we can work this out."

"What happened with Sonic?", Micheal asked.

At this point, the morbid Green Hill Zone changed to a stage full of volcanoes, lakes of fire and demons. Sonic smiled as the demon ripped the dead looking Sonic apart. In the background were voices uttering an unspeakable language. Micheal, at this point, went up to his desk and got his wooden cross.

"B--B--Bring S--Sonic back in the name of...", but before Micheal could proceed, Sonic screamed in a monstrous voice and his cross fell apart in two. Micheal then began to feel threatened and screamed prayers as Sonic screamed, "Satanis ex Mortis".

At this point, Sonic screamed, "Stop!", but this was a different voice. Then a gray text box appeared saying, "Destroy the damn console, I told you he'll come for you!". Then it began to rain outside of Micheal's house and Sonic began to take the form of a more sinister creature. Blood ran from his mouth and he was devouring the corpse of Dr. Robotnik mercilessly. Micheal then threw up and got very sick. Sonic just laughed maniacally and proceeded to rip apart the bodies of what seemed to be the bodies of Knuckles and Tails. Demons went up to them and began devouring their bodies.

Micheal then picked up the console and threw it on the ground. The game stopped, but Micheal saw the TV with a message on it.

"Thanks for the soul, Micheal. You really helped out!". The message also had a red, 5 pointed star facing down on it.

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