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Hello. I am an "ordinary man" from an "ordinary town". I have downloaded many Scary Mario Games in my life, but this Scary Mario Game will forever leave me "fucked up". As a small little munchkin, I was always a fan of the so-called Funny Red Boy.

Here he is:

I thought the new Nintendos of today weren't good enough, so I began looking for stronger and more potent Mario Game's, which led me down the dark holes of the "Scary Mario Game", which are fucked up evil games where Mario is evil and there is lots of blood and death and you scream and shit and cry. I was looking to get my daily fix of Evil when I found a new site, it called "". However, I was "playing with the fires", as my grandpapa used to tell me before bed. Being the Plumber Heroin Junkie i was, I clicked the link on Google and a loud scream came out, it sounded like Mario himself!!!! there was bloody red text all over and said "DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IF YOU'RE A PUSSY!!!!!!!". I thought it was a "Computer Glitch", but curiosity got the better of me.

I down loaded the file, called "SCARYMARIO.EXE", and it arrived on my desktop with the icon of "MARIO" looking like "BLOOD". I was used to this, while a mere mortal man would've fainted instantly. I click the game and it open in Full Screen and I hear the voice "I am Mario. Hello to my game, bitch", his classic catchphrase. When the full title appeared, it looked like normal Mario 64 on Nintendo 64 console, but it looked nothing like Mario 64 on Nintendo 64 console. In fact, there was no title screen at all. The game instantly began.

Mario fell from the sky and was screaming in a hyper-realistic voice. It was very loud, but my ears were already damaged, so I didn't "Give A Shit". As he landed, he died, and lots of bloods scattered across my screen. The blood was not very realistic, so I didn't scream, or so I thought.

The game was a 2D 3D platformer not unlike Super Mario on the Nintendo. There were goomba's and I took control of Mario to move him around (he did not die this time, horray!!!) the game reminded me of Mario but it was a game where Mario controlled in a stage not unlike Super Mario on the Nintendo. There was a level where Goomba appear and Mario took out "AK-47" and shot the Gommber's and they cried and there was BLOOD. I screammed, "MARIO IS NOT A WAR CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!!" but Mario turned around and sayed "ha ha bitch I AM NOT MARIO I AM SCARY MARIOItalic text!!!!!!"

This is when I knew this was truly "Fucked Up".

My keyboard suddenly stopped working and Scary Mario went on his way and killed lots of Goomba and Koopa and I could not look away, it was like a train crash, with the train being Mario, and the crashing being him murdering innocent creatures with a deadly firearm. I screamed. "AAAAAAAAAh!" "Aaaaahhhh!" "AhaaAAAAHHHHHH!" and various other screams of scary. When Scary Mario had finished his destructision, he turned back to the screen and said:

"I am Mario. I am the true king. I am the king. I rule the world."

And then he jump out of the screen and suck my dick for FREE

thank you

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