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One day, since I got bored, I decided to go on ROBLOX. I entered the game called "Sword Fight on The Heights". Instead of the familiar sword fighting game, I was taken to an empty baseplate. Nothing was there, except a generic figure with an axe. I approached him, and my character was chopped in half. Instead of the generic death with the funny screaming, there was blood spilling out of my character realisticly with the message "Your Next" written below his body. I closed the game and entered another, one that I hated. "Live At A Five Star Island Resort". Ugh. I entered, and this was even worse. There was mumbling, saying things like "You can't hide. You can't run". "You are next". There was also chanting that I couldn't understand. All the games were horrible. In one, "Crossroads", instead of the familiar map, there was a bunch of pictures of dead bodies. One of them was me. No, not my character, but my dead body, covered in blood with cuts all over it. No crime tape. Nothing. Like this was a horrible joke. I closed out of that, went to the catolog, and found a new gear was released. It was a sign with "Kill Ducklover8" (My account) written on it. On my status update, it just said "Right now I'm: Dead on (Date of death, which was TODAY)". I checked my friends list. Instead of the friends, they were replaced by horrible skulls. I clicked on one, and on it's profile, it just said "Killed By Ducklover8". What have I done? I invited my friend over to check it out. Everything was normal with him in the house. When he left, I turned on the TV. Spongebob was on. It was even worse than the places. Not that it was scary, I just hate Spongebob. So I decided to get on ROBLOX again, instead of watching some stupid cartoon. When I get on one of my places, there was zombies. Not like the normal cartoonish blocky zombies on ROBLOX. More like the Redeads from The Legend of Zelda, but more creepy. They approached my character (Who, by the way, began to look just like me), and tore him apart, with blood, guts, and body parts flying everywhere. I felt like I was going insane. I threw my PC out the window, burned it, and smashed the remains. It didn't break. Instead, the PC showed a message saying "Nice try, but you won't make it. You are going to suffer and die a painful death". I was paranoid since. Sometimes, I see strange figures when I am home alone in the house. Some hunched over, some armed with axes, and some shaped like ROBLOXians. Though I will probably never play ROBLOX again, I still have those terrible memories, and I just posted this on the forums to warn you.

I had a terrible nightmare that night. It was so vivid, almost real. There were demons laughing in the background, apparently at ME. A deep voice said repeatedly "You tried to escape. You can't escape". The laughter got deeper and slower, as if it were demons laughing. I saw a bloody disfigured face. I recognized it in horror. Me. The demons said "We will haunt your nightmares. There is no escape". The morning after I had my first nightmare, I attempted suicide. I somehow survived. When I woke up, I was shocked. I was in my house, but, there was a strange man with a knife over me. He said "Don't move, or I will kill you". So I didn't move. He didn't kill me. He just stabbed me in my chest. He nearly killed me. I went up my stairs. MY COMPUTER SOMEHOW WAS BACK WHERE IT WAS. Out of curiosity, I went onto ROBLOX. I was logged on as a different person named "TURNBACK". I clicked the game page, and played Paintball. Now my name was "WARNING". The people there also had strange names like "DOOMED", "EXITWHILEYOUCAN", "DONTLEAVEUS", and "GOODBYEFOREVER". I took their advice. I closed out the window. Instead of closing out of the game, I was at another game. The strange people were back. They charged at me with weapons. I took out my sword, which was a weapon in this game, and took them all down. They all faded out instead of falling apart. The message "DOOMED HAS DIED!" or whatever their names were. After I took them all out, the game closed itself out automatically. I went onto the People page, tried searching each of the names up, yet none of them were there. Nothing came up when I searched them. Instead, bloody faces came up with a screaming noise. I didn't know what was going on. My character now was named "TOO LATE", which was strange, since you cannot have spaces in your name. The background, instead of the usual blue, was blood red. Instead of the ROBLOX characters, the people on the ROBLOX website were photographs of dead bodies with freakish marks on them. Want to know something scary? They were different each time I clicked on a page, never the same people. That's it. I needed to get rid of ROBLOX. When I tried to uninstall it, a message in an error popup thing said "YOU CAN'T DESTROY ME!", and played another, terrible screaming noise instead of the error noise. I kept on clicking install for whatever reason, until my computer got a RED screen of death, not the blue screen of death. It had the cause of my death written in great detail, the date of my death, (Which was soon) and a photograph of my dead body. Where was it? In my room. The cause? "A mysterious figure popped out of somewhere, stuck a knife through him, began chopping him apart, and letting the blood flow out". The only way to stop it would be to destroy my computer, as it said. I did what I did last time, and strange red smoke shot out from the remains of my computer. I... saved myself. I vow never to play it again.

Credited to AnHerod 
Originally uploaded on August 19, 2010

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