Pokemon Ultra Sus

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Ahhh it real life! In real life!

I was a girl in the village doing alright. Then I became a bitch overnight. Now I gotta figure out how to do it right. So much to learn and see. Up in the hood with my new hoes. In a school that's just for dumbasses like me. A whole enchanted world is waiting for me. I'm so excited to be. Peridot Amethyst. I'm finding out what being a cumslut's all about. Making my way it's an adventure everyday. It's gonna be my time. To show them all that I'm Peridot Amethyst. Now that you know my tragic Anime backstory, it's time for my spoopy story. After successfully escaping Brazil, I stumbled upon a copy of a bizarre game. The box art had the Pokemon Solgaoleo (or however you fucking spell it) crying with the title being "Pokemon Ultra Sus". This made me say out loud "Sus? Amogus?". I had to run knowing that the people that brought me to Brazil just heard me. Once I got home, I prayed to Jschlatt Senpai and decided to play the game. Instead of the game starting at player house, it started in hell. The devil said "Pee pee poo poo!" I'm scared! So I left hell. I ended up in the space station Amogus. "Peridot Amethyst is kinda Sus" the red Amogus said. How did it know my name? Everyone voted me and I was ejected. "Peridot Amethyst was not the Imposter". The red Amogus killed everyone else. Also, I can't breathe in space. Just thought that fact is cool. I respawned in Hell. "Welcome back my ni-" before the Devil could say the N-word, he was canceled on Twitter. After leaving Hell again, I was in a CoCoMelon video. One of the kids made the FNAF laugh so I hit him. He cried. #Owned 😎.

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