Phineas and Ferb: Rollercosster

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Author's note: Pretty much first pasta, go easy on me. tried to avoid cliches like hyperrealistic things.

Made pasta better after reading QS

Not a trollpasta, I'm just new to this. Please do not delete. I recently read the thing about popular cartoons, and i believe it does not violate it too horribly. Please spare me god.

One day during quarantine I decided to binge all of Phineas and Ferb on Disney+. I was bored and just wanted to let by brain rot in front of the television.

I started up rollercoaster, ready to sit back and relax. The theme song was normal, but when the actual episode started, I noticed "Rollercoaster" was misspelled as "Rollercosster". I thought it was just something I hadn't noticed before. I thought it was a little funny, and kept watching.

Things went on as normal. Phineas and Ferb talking about what to do, mom leaving, and so on. That was until Perry went into the OWCA base. Instead of Monogram giving Perry his mission, Perry and Monogram just stare at each other for a good 45 seconds. The screen cut to black. It stayed black for around 10 seconds, then cuts back to the regular episode. Phineas and Ferb building the rollercoaster and Candace trying to bust them. It goes on like normal for this for a while, but then things got really weird. This was around the part where the factory worker is asking "Aren't you a little young to be a roller coaster engineer?" Before Phineas could say yes, he just disappeared from the shot.

The factory worker stood there idle. After around one minute of this standing, it cut to a black screen. This black screen had nothing on it but big text that said "PHINEAS FLYNN - MISSING". The text was in the arial font. It was white and soulless. There was no music or dialogue. It was silent. It went on like this for 4 whole minutes, then it cut to the next episode.

That episode was scary, but after I got over my fear, I had to wonder. What happened? Hijackers? Horrible Glitches? I suppose I will never know.

Credited to MagmaFrog

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