PENIS: The DOOM Parody

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

Once, there was a man named Flynn Taggart, he was sitting at the dinner table eating his demonic meal. Untill! *BAM* Evil demonic penises barge Into his door! Taggart grabs his Plasma Penis Rifle and shoots the cum filled thing at them. He destroys the penises and goes outside. Taggart says "I MUST STOP THIS PENIS INVASION BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!". The evil Imp penises start shooting hot flaming cum balls at Taggart. Taggart dodges and dodges and shoots his Plasma Penis Rifle at them. The penis Imps get destroyed after Flynn Taggart pulls out his legendery BDG 9000 (Big Dick Gun). Taggart thrusts at the demonic penises and shoots the cum shots at the demons, untill the CyberPenis appears out of nowhere. "I will kill this penis man." Says the CyberPenis. The CyberPenis soon shoots his dick rockets at Taggart, untill the sky collpases on them. Taggart pops his head out of the dirt, and says "I NEED TO FIGHT THE GOD DAMNED PENISES!" Untill he finally cums one last time, and his penis died. He cannot get laid, he cannot fuck a pussy. The Arthor says "But you can lick a pussy!".

So, Flynn now lives a life long dream of fucking up Archie Sonic and getting pussy from whores. THE END.


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