Original Pilot of Spongebob Squarepants

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Author's note: It's come to my attention that this story was featured on Hood's video, It's funny looking back at these shitty stories I made back in 2015.

Today's the day

I was 13 at the time an the year was 1998 Nickelodeon announced there were makeing a new series.

1 year later I was 14 I decided to make my own judgments so I started watching adult channels. I watched family guy, the etc. That same year I experienced something that I never knew about. I'll tell you my story.

On April 16, 1999 at 8:00 pm I watched that adult channel its called Fox Family Guy came on I decided to watch it. I looked at the guide menu to see that new show spongebob squarepants was gonna be on. It supposed to air on May 3 I thought must be an early airing. It was 8:30 pm now it had a TV-MA-V rating ok this is getting wierd the intro was about a captain saying some words then the episode began.

It was called Spongebobs Job but the title card had a way different design. It started out with spongebob saying: Todays the day! In a happy voice he walks out of his pineapple house and says to squidward. Today's the day!! What day? Squidward. Spongebob said nothing after that it cut to the krusty krab Squidward said: what the hell do you want sir. I was shocked of what Squidward said that then the guy said: The Bloody Patty. 

Things went silent Mr.krabs came in and said come here to the guy he said OK. Then it cut to the kitchen spongebob was cooking patty's then Mr.krabs put the guy in the kitchen spongebob looked at him in a creepy way. He said want a bloody Patty? He got out a chainsaw by this point I was creeped out spongebob laughed and then it went black for a second this part scared the crap out of me.

Spongebob jumped on the guy and you could hear chainsaw noises you could see blood splatter everywhere then he put the guys organs on the Patty and said order up. It showed spongebob staring at the screen the he said Your next the episode ended. The next day I called Nickelodeon they said this episode was never never never never never ever was supposed to be aired they felt bad so they sent me the full season 1 DVD of spongebob squarepants.

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