On one bloody christmas eve

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Hello my name is Trajen iam 15 and i only have my mother left my father died in Iraq. Iam normally very bland and keep to myself. But there was something really really wrong it was christmas break i was a like any normal teen around this time of year. Really excited on the inside but we act like we dont care on the outside. I was sitting on my bed when i heard a very strange noise it sounded like a knife scratch on a mirror. I speeded torward the noise then i remembered the gun in the safe. In my mothers room the combination was 33,14,12, but i didnt work. I tried over and over but sweating frantically each time my heart was pratically thumping out of my chest. Until i thought about the bible my family whould read it together every christmas we read revalations the number of the devil is 666 i quickly tried this it opend why in the hell was the combination 666. I realised the scrathing had stopped then i seen a black outline in the corner of my eye. All of a sudden a knock at the door i looked out the peep hole and was a glad that it was my neighbors son Kevin. He said can i come in i said sure Kevin was like me and we got along Kevin said do you have any video games i said sure right this way what he did not know i was extremely good at Mortal Kombat. We were playing i picked my favorite charcter Scorpion kevin Picked Noob Saibot. And we played for about 2 minutes i beat him every round like i said iam good at Mortal Kombat the game said Kill Him what it always says finish him not kill him. Then we heard a Tap downatairs nobody was here just me and kevin my mom dont get home till 12:30am it was only 6:00pm Kevin said i got to go so i went with him the door locked. Kevin declared this was a sick joke and then we sat in the living room watched TV for about 30 minutes the clock read 6:35pm we went in the basement to clean clothes and get a board game until we heard a window which sounded like a bloody hand being rubbed on a mirror. So we looked in the mirror in the basement a knife scratch blood that said call 666-666-6666 we called being very afriad of course it maid that anyoing dial up noise. then it said thank you for calling hell we will be with you short as possible so me and Kevin were hungry. So we made some popcorn and we sat down than Kevin said the roof is leaking. we turned the lights up to be see oh thats not water thats blood Kevin started to freak then the shadow i seen earlier was there with a bleeding deformed face and mangled hands he stared in to kevins soul and then with one quick slash killed Kevin. I ran upstairs scared to death grabed the gun it was a snub nose i held 6 shots i fired all 6 in him he enjoyed it almost like he loved it he pounced on me and went to slash with his thorned mangled hand and i ran downstsairs and the wham my leg snapped i seen the clock it read 6:66pm then i accepted death and let him deliver the final blow this

this comes from the journal of Trajen Scotts and the creatures name apears to be death himself we never caught it some say its still in the little town in california

Credited to The only red dragon1313
Originally uploaded on December 18, 2013

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