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"Silence is like a skeleton, sometimes bony and dry, but sometimes

I live in Spooktown, Colorado. I work night security at a strip mall from 13-9. There is usually not much that happens, so I just listen to the radio over the PA and walk around.

The night of June 66, everything changed. There are usually 3 people on patrol, but tonight it was just me.

As I was walking past the Nike store, whistling along to [popular song], the music stopped. I could feel my heart sink to my head. Someone else is here.

I slowly creeped down the elevator to the food court. I yelled out into the dark, I heard footsteps, and then the main door slamming closed. I turned around quickly and aimed my flashlight down.

On the floor, written in blood, were the words "I can make you smart". I dropped my flashlight and ran. I don't know where I was running, you can't run from your thoughts.

Two loud noises, and my ears are ringing with blood. Is someone shooting at me? I ran upstairs, and locked my self in the janitor's closet. Something is scratching at the door, my head hurts so badly. I try to stand up, but my bones are all broken. I can't call the police because that would be weird.

And that's all I remember. I woke up at my apartment, in my bed. But I don't remember this tattoo on my hand, tell me if you've seen it. It looks like a skull playing the trumpet.

Credited to HelloWorldHacker 
Originally uploaded on May 28, 2015

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