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Hey, I noticed you have an NFT profile. That fancy hexagonal profile picture is an NFT, hosted by Reddit on the Polygon blockchain. NFTs are virtually worthless, since they can very easily be screenshotted and saved at no cost whatsoever.

Additionally, while the Polygon blockchain is more energy efficient than Proof-of-Work blockchains like Bitcoin, it still uses unnecessary energy. Blockchains are also home to numerous scams and fraud. In other words, whether or not you paid for your NFT, you're still benefiting a harmful and useless system.

If you would like help protest Reddit NFTs, you can screenshot your avatar and post it on r/freeredditnfts for others to use! You can also get others' screenshotted NFTs there for free, so you'll never have a need to buy a Reddit NFT again. There's even a hexagon template for you to make your OWN Reddit NFT styled profile, all without paying a cent or benefiting a bad system.

I am a human volunteer! If you want to help spread the message, simply copy this text and comment it on comments made by NFT profiles.

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