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I am test subject MCCP. I used to be an ordinary teenage girl. I started having weird dreams, they made me insane. So insane, that I killed someone.

I have short brown hair, with a purple streak. I have bright blue eyes and a sprinkle of freckles on my face. I'm kinda tall for my age. My hobbies include gaming, creating music, and of coarse ....killing people.

The scientists and docters have tested me to find out what's wrong with me, but, they didn't find anything. They injected me with a liquid that was supposed to kill me, but, my body bonded with it. It turned me, into..a monster.

Whenever I kill someone, my eyes turn a blood red colour, and I get stronger , and faster and smarter.

One day, I escaped the test lab. I killed a lot of people to get out of that hell hole. The only thing of value to me was my chainsaw. It was black in colour and it had a white panda sticker on one side. It had silver blades and it would glow a pretty blue colour.

The police were after me. I ran and ran. They lost me in the woods. I walked for while. My blue converse shoes were all muddy, and my black skirt and white panda hoodie were all bloody. I need to clean up somewhere.

Suddenly, I was tackled to the ground. (MCCP) " WHAT THE FUCK".

A boy wearing a white hoodie and black jeans held a knife against my throat. I looked at his pale white face.His eyes where black like the were burnt, and he had a smile carved into his face.

(Jeff the killer) Go to sleep.

I push him off me.

(MCCP) Now why do I have to kill such a sweet little boy ?

He stabbs my leg, I don't feel it, I am a monster after all.

I push the chainsaw against his neck.

(MCCP) I'm not so innocent now.

Someone grabbs me from behind.

Slendy: Jeff, are you ok ?

Jeff: I'm fine slendy. She caught off guard.

Slendy: and who might you be.

MCCP: I'm, MCCP and I was born a killer.

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Credited to Aneisa Hassettadd 

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