My father died while playing the Mario party mini game toad in the box

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So one day my father was driving his car he was playing Mario party for Nintendo DS coming soon he driving up a hill he was driving and playing Mario party at the time he ended in mini game toad in the box he got mad after bowser stomped him he so mad that he drove into someone bang he fall down the hill he ded

Don’t play Mario party mini game toad in the box

The police come to my house and say the tragedy mother got sad

We went to funeral the funeral director kicked me in the face after I calling him fat

I sued Nintendo I lost and pay £10 million dollars to Nintendo for annoying them

During My dad burial toad was there he was in a box he told me he told me

What to play toad in the box

I ended up Mario party in real life I ended up in toad in box I got flashbacks

I got bowser he stamped on my face AAAAAAAA he kick in the penis aaaaaa

I next chain comp he bit me in the leg aa fuck my leg

I haven’t had this trauma since my uncle died while playing bowl over

Finally I got toad and save the world

The end

Then I went back up hill I was playing mario party and I got toad the box I died I fall down hit my head on rocks and I turn into ghost

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