My Encounter with Super Mario

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Super Mario. If he didn't came to life, I would kill myself. But I tell you a story that I almost got KILLED by him. This was a REAL experience for me.

My 58-year old grandmother bought a Wii for me. I was so excited after all these years after playing my dad's PSP and my brother's DS, I finally have my own console since my NES. I plugged it into my TV and turned it on. My grandmother bought two Wii Remotes (with Nunchuks), one for me and one for my brother(or I could pick my random relative while my bro wasn't around). I got started and found out that someone had downloaded Super Mario Bros. I'm not kidding. Since I am a HUGE Mario fan, I started it. The original screen came up, I was so excited I can finally play my favorite game on my Wii.

As the music played, Mario didn't move. I pressed right really hard, and still Mario wouldn't move, so I tried to reset the game. An error message popped up, saying "Don't reset it. Go back into the game. You'll find something." What the? I didn't know what to expect. I went to back and I could see Mario staring at me. He went to the screen and pulled me into the game. I screamed and yelled for help, but everyone was away for vacation. I was sucked into the game by Mario's beast-like hands. I looked everywhere for something, and all I saw was Mario, trying to chase me. I ran as fast as I could to get away. I picked up a Mushroom and jumped over a Koopa. I kicked his shell and Mario kicked it right back at me. He then picked up a Starman.

I still ran and ran to this endless 1-1 level. But when I saw a cliff, I had to make a choice: Mario or pit? Lucky me, there were brick blocks on top of me, so I jumped on it. Mario acted very smart and followed me to the top, then I could see a flagpole at the end. "YES", I shouted and jumped on the flagpole.Mario then was killed by that same pit. I was thrown back in my room, thrown COMPLETELY to the bed. The Wii had a message saying, "Thank you for killing that dick Mario." I turned off the Wii and didn't play it for a MONTH. After that month, I had 5 Wii tapes (New Super Mario Bros Wii, Brawl, Wii Sports, Mario Party 8 & Super Mario Galaxy).

After I turned on my Wii, Super Mario Bros. wasn't there anymore. Thank goodness for that.

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