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I love mug root beer. It is my life. I literally drink nothing but mug root beer. I pour mug root beer on everything I eat. I carry 5 cans of mug root beer up my ass when I go places. (Mostly I only go outside to get more mug root beer when I'm out of it) I shower in literally nothing but mug root beer. My wife and kids are dead because they dared to insult mug root beer. They said I have a "problem" and need "help". Foolish non mug believers. After they said that I hurled a can of mug root beer at my wife and it hit her in the head, killing her. My kids tried to run away but they forgot I always keep the door padlocked so no one breaks in to steal any of my precious mug root beer. Anyway, the little shits tried desperately to open the door. Too late. I was already behind them. They begged for mercy. I proceeded to beat their faces in with a can of mug root beer. Their faces looked barely recognizable after I was done with them. I loaded their bodies in the back of my truck (which is filled with mug root beer so it was hard to fit their bodies in) and I drove to a rural area to bury them. Once I was done I said "mug moment". That day I drank 93 cans of mug root beer. I love mug root beer. Mug root beer is life.

Credited to shitfucker211 

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