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If you're reading this, your probably not going to believe me. But, I am telling the truth.

Once, in a day of Minecraft, I was walking in a forest. It was day, and I was hunting pigs. I had my bow and arrows, and I was one of the best Minecraft snipers. I use to go on a war server and beat almost everyone on there. As I walked deeper and deeper into the forest, I noticed something move in the distance. It was a man, but he looked just like me. He had my skin, my movment, and even my items. (This was not on a server, so he had no name tag.) I was shocked. I thought this was something in the update. I started to walk towards this person. He looked me in the eye, and put down a sign that said, "Who are you?". I put down another sign and wrote, "I am Skelie, who are you?" (Skelie is my username.) He then put down another sign that said, "How could you be Skelie, I am Skelie." I thought for a while, and then wrote, "Well, I remember making my account, so I am Skelie." He stopped and looked away for a moment. I then heard a loud creeper sound. He then made another sign. "We have no time to talk. Follow me, and then we shall see what's goin" (Made another sign) "g on"

We ran towards a cave full of skeletons. I almost got out my bow, when suddenly, the man wrote on a sign, "These are friends." The skeletons did nothing to hurt me. They just stood there, watching me and the man who claims to be Skelie. I then heard a voice. "We will never take any more..." The voice stopped, and a loud boom was heard from out side the cave. I ran over to the front of the cave, and saw lots and lots of creepers coming in. I ran with the man to the end of the cave. Skelie then said on a sign, "I can't live here anymore. I must go. Good bye." Then, he vanished, and I was teleported into a new world. To this day, I still have no idea what happened. Skelie still wonders around my worlds. I have even incountered him on servers, where I would see a figure place a sign, and when I read the sign, it would say something like, "Good Luck" or "They won't hurt you now." Skeletons don't hurt me, instead they follow me and protect me. On servers they do this too. People would think i'm hacking, and ban me. I have heard that one of the servers that banned me for that, got a skeleton army come after all the players. They destoryed most of the server, even though most of it was protected. The owner had to shut that server down. I don't know if that happened with the other servers. It helps me a lot though. A server that I play on even before the Skelie thing happened believed my story, and used the skeletons as anti-griefer tools. If I were to kill one of my skeletons, they would do nothing. They would not hurt me, or run away, they would do nothing different. I am telling you this story because I have gotten a lot of emails from people that come on the servers I was banned from, with the emails saying, "STOP HACKING INTO MY SINGLEPLAYER!" I believe this means that Skelie roams the world of minecrafters I know, or have griefed me.

Skelie also roams my dreams, and I see his arrows in worlds a lot of times. Skelie is my best friend, and I think if you incounter him, please tell him I said thank you.


These are notes from the creator of the short story, Minecraft Skelie. I am his friend...ex friend, and I stole his notes because he started to go insane. He's in his house right now doing something. Anyways, here they are. Please tell me if you have had anything like these in the notes.


I am playing minecraft right now, and I see a guy with my skin. I'm not on a server, so this is kinda scaring me...

(Ripped out pages)


I see Skelie now on servers. He protects me. He has protected my friends too. Somehow he knows the difference from my friends and my enemies. My skeleton friends have destoryed servers of ones who have griefed me too. I've been getting emails too. Some have said that the skeletons grief without me on, and one email I will never forget. Someone that I hated very much had a virus on his computer, and everytime he would get on his minecraft, it would show a skeleton head next to the minecraft logo. He alwa (Page got ripped again...)


He's with me right now. We are in singleplayer, and we are building a house. He told me not to pause the game because it stops him from moving, so I have to go soon to play with him. Some skeletons are coming to gather wood for us too.

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