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Ever heard of the Indie game Minecraft?

Let me warn you, it is VERY addicting. The day I bought it, I was hooked on it. Every time of day, all I could think of was Minecraft and what to do next. But as I accomplished more and more feats, I began feeling bored of the game? What should I do next? I went on Minecraft servers, finding them to restricting, I tried mods, most of them were not appealing to me.

I didn't give up yet. I searched the MC forums for a good server, or a great mod when I found a thread in the Mods forum titled "Minecraft 2.0!"

I was immediately drawn to it. Hardly able to control my excitement, I clicked the thread. The screenshots look amazing! Promising more achievments, more challenging and cooler animals and just much better biomes, I instantly decided to install it.

Later that day

This 'amazing' mod turned out to suck. There was NOTHING in the map. It was simply a flat, swampy dirt block map. I explored the map, finding absoloutely nothing. The music gave the map a Lavender Town feel. There were grey clouds and a faded Sun floating in the sky. I decided to build a house, and pressed 'e' (I was on creative). I didn't find anything except a Swampy Dirt block.

I was about to give up and close the game, when I saw an object in the distance. I immediately rushed for the object. It was a plain boring sign with one word on it. 'Follow'

I wasn't impressed. What was the maker of this mod trying to accomplish? And what am I trying to follow?

I looked ahead to see an ocean of swampy water, with a path of lily pads. I decided to follow the path. At the end of the trail of the lily pads, there were a massive hole. There was a distant light at the bottom of this hole. Assuming that it was lava, I believed that it was just some silly prank. Who would fall for a ruse like that? A sign stood right next to the hole with the words "Jump". I really didn't know if I had a choice so I simply walk towards the hole and jumped.

As soon as I jumped in, the computer froze for a second, then the screen turned black. The screen suddenly switched back on. I found my Minecraft character in a grotesque dungeon. Every block I saw was covered with what looked like blood. And then there were the pictures. Pictures imported into the game showing disgusting and terrible things. Teenagers lying dead next to their computers. Some had their fingers crushed and mangles, their eyes gazing into the air. Others had them chopped off, fingers assorted neatly on their PC. Some had their entire arms simply ripped off. I felt something in my mind urging me to go forward, while another screaming for me to shut this blasted game off. I decided to walk ahead. The pictures got worse. People had their heads chopped off, their PC's remains scattered around them.

"Do you want to suffer the fate these unlucky few suffered?" A voice asked.

I instantly turned around, my heart beating wildy.

"Don't bother looking for me."

"Who did this them?" I managed to reply.

"I did. I offered them salvation from this curse."


The voice didn't offer a reply. I walked ahead. The dungeon seemed to be getting worse. The last picture was of a slightly overweight boy, his eyes ripped out. Which monster would do this? Is this salvation!?

"I offered them salvation from the curse of the computer. Look at these teenagers. They lived in loneliness, sadness and misery. They became worse in physical health and social life. Open that door, and you will also be rid of the curse."

My eyes turned to the door and the lever. Something, or someone was pulling me towards the door. I felt the urge to walk through. I had lost friends in this silly addiction. The computer provided me with an easy way to make friennds and get out of the difficulties of relationships in real life. I couldn't live in the dark anymore! Then the images flashed back into my mind. In an instant, I pressed the computer's off button. A sort of cry came from the PC as the screen sort of faded out.

I sighed. It was over.

The next day

I enquired everyone in the Minecraft community about the mod. I got many responses. The curse started with the death of a young teenage boy. He couldn't handle the pressure of real life and turned to the computer. His crisis turned worse, and in the end, to resist the temptation, he clawed out both his eyes. A mod was released the next day on his Minecraft account offering amazing gameplay, almost exactly the same as the mod I found. Everytime a victim was claimed, his/her account would be releasing the same mod. I realised that if I opened the door, god knows what would have happened to me.

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