Minecraft: The Life of a Block

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I was spending a relaxing Sunday evening browsing youtube videos, laughing my head off at stupid stunts, when suddenly I got a Skype call from my online friend, Gearfold. The conversation went like this:

Gearfold: "Sup, man?"

Me: "Nothin', you?"

Gearfold: "I heard that someone got their hands on a pre-release of 1.0.1!"

Me: "Really? It doesn't sound like someone would go through that much trouble to get that small of an update"

Gearfold: "Well, he said in quote 'Dude, this is so cool! You gotta check this out!' "

Me: "Alright, if you really want, I'll download it"

So we both downloaded the .jar file, placed it in .minecraft, and opened minecraft.exe. We kept the Skype call going so we could talk about our experiences in the pre-release. We didn't go into multiplayer, though, since we thought that might be EXETREMELY buggy, even more then it was at the current time. I created a simple world called "1.0.1" and went into it. Nothing really seemed different, it was all the same. I started walking for a bit, then my character suddenly stopped. I didn't know what had happened. The only thing I noticed was that my hotbar and my hand was gone. I couldn't open my inventory. I couldn't even open the menu by pressing ESC. The only thing I could do was look around. No animals, very eerie. I decided to press F5. It zoomed out as it should've, but I didn't see my character. Only a grass block in the middle of a plain. "Am I that lone block?" I thought. I pressed F5 again and return to my normal view. I told Gearfold and he said it was working fine for him, but he didn't notice any changes either. I just sat there watching the sun until it went down. For once, I wanted a mob to spawn, so I wouldn't be alone. Unfortunately, I could not check to make sure it wasn't on peaceful since I couldn't open the menu. I found out the hard way. I heard enderman sounds behind me. I didn't even bother looking behind me (Endermen are creepy, y'know?)

Suddenly, my player's view went up a bit. At first, I thought my character had returned to normal, but the hotbar and hand was still missing and I couldn't open the menu or my inventory. I looked behind me and realized that the enderman was carrying me. I told Gearfold and he just laughed. I didn't blame him though, I would've laughed if I wasn't so paranoid at this strange experience. The enderman began to walk. Then I realized something strange, he wasn't walking in his normal pattern (Which is just randomly wandering around like a buffoon), he was actually walking in a single direction, turning slightly every once in a while, and every few minutes he made a sharp turn. He never stopped walking, though. I thought, "Is he walking to a specific place?". I wasn't sure, but that was the most logical answer. I then saw something stand out in the distance. It appeared to be some sort of factory or plant, but the blocks used to make it were INCREDIBLY realistic. I didn't have any texture packs on. The enderman brought me in through what appeared to be the back door to the factory. I looked around and saw a bunch of strange blocks that hadn't been introduced yet, like metalic crushers, and sawblades hovering over conveyor belts. I was exetremely scared at this point. I noticed that there were other endermen around me, some had different blocks, some didn't have any blocks at all.

The enderman holding me continued to carry up a small flight of stairs, until we were finally on a metalic platform on the same height as the conveyor belts, only this one wasn't moving. He placed me on the conveyor belt, and it suddenly started moving, with me on it. I wasn't only to do anything except look at the horror that awaited me. I shouted at Gearfold in a panicing tone, he was as scared as I was now. As the sawblades cut me, I heard the gashing of blood and human-like screams. I still heard them, even though I was out of the sawblade area. I looked behind me and saw there were other blocks being cut by the sawblades on the conveyor belt. There were diffrent basic minecraft blocks, like a workbench and an iron block. There was blood flowing from the top of the screen. I saw that the other blocks were screaming, too. I saw that the insides of them appeared to be realistic, like that of a human. Flesh coated the conveyor belt as it got to the crusher area. I heard my insides being crushed, bones cracking, horrible, disgusting, morbid sounds. Finally, the conveyor belt dumped what was left of me into a 1x1 pit. I kept falling until I saw something red at the bottom, lava. Finally I died, but the only options that were shown were "Continue" and "Downgrade". I assumed continue would restart the whole sequence, so I quickly hit downgrade. The window closed. As much as I didn't want to, I forced myself to open up minecraft again. It all appeared normal. Everything had gone back to normal. Soon afterwards, Gearfold deleted his new minecraft .jar file, too. We never spoke about it again

The moral of the story is to never attempt to download a new version of Minecraft when it hasn't been released yet. Or else, you will suffer the horrible nightmares that the endermen can produce...

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