Mickey Mouse Lost Episode

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The file was mickey.mp4.

I was looking at old cartoons of Mickey Mouse when I found this strange old cartoon, ca. 1929, entitled "Strollin' in Town" Mickey Mouse was walking for a while then he saw a man and thought it was a toy, and he was hiding under it. He then took the man's eyes out and he (Mickey) was covered in blood but he didn't see the blood and walked off. The first time Minnie and Mickey met in the episode Mickey showed her the man.

Minnie laughed, but then she stopped and screamed when she saw the bloody eyeballs.

Mickey held the eyes in his hand, to which Minnie asked frantically "Why would you do this??"

Mickey saw the blood said "Oh, I thought it was a toy."

The man laughed, then Mickey was murmuring and trying to kill the man. He grabbed a gun and a knife and threw knives at the man's body and shot him in the head and hands.

Unable to move, the man screamed and Mickey told him to shut up, but was no use, the screaming continued, the man had real blood coming from his body, face and the hands, when the camera zoomed in on Mickey Mouse, he said,

"Go and die you stupid idiot." then he stopped screaming, whispered "I hate you Mickey Mouse!" then died. Then Mickey was starting to act weird, but it didn't stop him.

He pulled out a weapon, pointed to the gun shop's owner and pulled the trigger, blood splattering on the window. After the Mickey threw the weapon at the man and ran out of the shop.

He then whistled down the street with Minnie, the police didn't see Mickey shooting the man but they did call an ambulance. Minnie Mouse asked if Mickey would like to come to her house and he agreed. After this, the episode ends, not with the normal credits, but with scary ones. Murmuring sounds could be heard while the credits rolled by. At the end of the video, the Disney commercial started and it was kinda creepy looking. Mickey had a deadly-looking face in place of the 1930s intro. That face which was supposed to be the regular Mickey Mouse face in the commercial was put in the cartoon instead.

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