Mewtwo Rage

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A ~2015 Reddit post from r/smashbros

I'm at a bit of a loss. After several rounds of 1v1 For Glory with a cheap ass Mewtwo who beat me probably 2/3 of the time, I punched my couch, ripped my gamecube controller out of the port, through it on the floor, and then crushed it under a 25lb. weight. This game has made me scream, punch myself, slam my head against things, bite myself until I draw blood, and cry. I'm a grown ass man and I've never felt anything like this anger before. What the hell is it about this game that makes me lose my mind? I see that other people are experience rage issues too. How to deal with it? I don't want to quit, cause I love the game, but it's driving me crazy. Right now my copy of smash is deep behind the couch where it will be a total pain to get out. Save me from myself.

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