Mario Kart Crash

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The story begins with my friend Raymond, Raymond moved to a apartment and while unpacking he finds his old Nintendo 64 he thinks back to his childhood and remembers Mario Kart 64 was his favorite game.

He looks through the box he found he the Nintendo 64 but he could not find it, so he goes to a Flea Market and finds a copy no one was there  to sell the copy so he leaves a note saying for the copy of Mario Kart 64 with 15 dollars taped to it.

He goes home puts the game into his Nintendo 64 so far everything is normal he starts a race he plays as his  favorite character Mario the race is just like normal until he gets a Koopa Shell and throws it at Wario, Wario flies off of screen and then he hears a explosoin and a very loud scream from a man. He wins the race but on the character selection screen Wario is gone the screen turns black then shows a crashed kart and Wario but all mangled up and bloody then there was text saying you killed him good job.

He thinks nothing of it at the time it must have just been a cruel joke from the last owner this goes on for a while until the only living characters are Bowser and Mario there is only one race left. Bowser throws a koopa shell at Mario there is a big explosion and Mario dies the screen turns black and shows Mario mangled up and bloody and the text says, "you are dead, you failed good night." and the and his Nintendo 64 automaticlly turn off by it self and Raymond throws the game out the window and cried yelling, "Why, why god why." and throw out his Nintendo 64 out the window and he never played video games ever again.

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Credited to Blackmask 675
Originally uploaded on December 8, 2012

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