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Everybody loves Mario Kart, Right? Well, I've had a awful experience with it myself, that scarred me for life.

I heard about the new game for the 3DS, Mario Kart 7. I was so eager to get a copy of it, because, I am a big Super Mario fan. So, there I was, browsing the internet, when I came across this $5.00 copy of Mario Kart 7 on ebay.

The picture was the box art of Mario Kart 7. Me, being those Mario Kart lovers, I bought it in excitement. 5 days pass, I recieve an email from the seller with some strange text I had to use Google Translate to break it down to english. The message was written in japanese, and when translated said:

"This copy will traumatize you for life, fool"

Which was strange, because Mario Kart has never been traumatizing. 2 days have passed, and I recieve the cart for the game, but the first thing I noticed was the cart's label was torn off and "Mario Kart 3DS" scrawled on it with sharpie. Me, being so hyper, run to grab my 3DS for some fun.

I watched Let's Plays of this game, so I knew what it would normally look like. But the HOME Menu Icon was a bit... sad. The face on Mario looked like Mario looked like he was depressed. Upon booting the game up, the 3DS thing did not show up, and booted straight to the game. The title screens' logo was just "Mario Kart" in Comic Sans, and there was a picture of Princess Peach seemed to like Peach holding a rope. Still, I was hyped, so I proceeded to go to Single Player. Remember when Mario Kart games usually had 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and Mirror? Well, there was only one CC level, strangely titled "SAVE YOURSELF" that looked like it was written in blood. My hyper state decreased, slightly, and added a bit fear. But, it also added some excitement to me. I picked the only option, "SAVE YOURSELF", and, strangely, there was 4 more characters added to the character select screen: Diddy Kong, Waluigi, Bowser Jr, and Baby Mario. I also noticed that all the character's eyes looked at me with both eyes, turning their head a bit. I also noticed they had either fear or depression in their emotions. Me, loving the bad guys on every videogame, picked Bowser Jr. I was not given a kart choice, infact, when I selected my character, It shown Bowser Jr. shiverring from fear, without a kart. I was then given two cups, both with one track: Hell, or the Dreadful Plains. I selected Dreadful Plains, and it went straight to the race. Bowser Jr. was in a running stance, about to take off and scream at the top of his lungs. I then noticed a darker, more sinister looking Bowser Jr. behind him, with pitchblack eyes and bloody teeth, along with a torn bandana that had blood marks on it. The track looked horrifying, as it had wrecks of previous racers in previous games, with bloody clothing, mangled bodies, and even a crater from what seemed to be a blushell. It was also dark and had posts with skulls of the other characters. The countdown started, and I tried the startup boost trick. Luckily, it worked, and Bowser Jr. ran and had teared up, and kept shouting, "DADDY!!!!" everytime he got touched by the dark figure. Soon, Bowser Jr's sinister clone choked him and started to violently rip through Bowser Jr.'s body. He ripped out his cerrebellum, stomach, and even his intestines. It was horrifying to watch. In the process, I tried to turn off the 3DS, but it didn't respond.

I was speechless, and was booted to the char. selcect screen again. This time, Bowser Jr.'s remains were in the icon for himself. I then settled for Waluigi. This time, I was given yet another CC level named "COME AND PLAY WITH ME?" and was greeted with two more tracks: "Shame Lane" and "Yoshi's Graveland", I picked Yoshi's Graveland and was given a kart this time, but the other character was a very disgusting sight: Yoshi's eye was hanging from the socket, and had a evil grin, accompanied by a knife through Yoshi's heart. Waluigi, on the other hand, was filled with fear. His menacing look wasn't even shown. Just pure fear... The track was Yoshi's Island with a grey sky, dead yoshi bodies and what seems to be a dead Shy Guy splattered... You had to do 9 laps around the track WITHOUT getting mauled by Yoshi, but Yoshi's speed was atleast 30 more cc...

At the 8th lap, I accidently pressed brake, and then I experienced the death of Waluigi. It was so gruesome it could NOT be put into words. After that, the screen was black for 4 seconds, and then a picture of Waluigi and mangled Bowser Jr. being mauled to death from the undead yoshi. Waluigi and Bowser Jr. then scream in agony, and asked me, "Why would you do such a thing, whyyyy..???"

I replied in complete shock, "I-i-i-i-i-i wanted a new game... and i had to see you two die... I wish I can undo what i've done, since I am truly sorry..." Then Bowser Jr. and Waluigi whispered, "Look behind you..." I then saw a depressed looking Bowser Jr, hanging himself on the ceiling fan, and Waluigi with bloodshot eyes saying some demonic chanting.

After experiencing this, I immediately chucked my Mario Kart 7 cart into the garbage disposal and shredded it.

Credited to GoombaWithArms
Originally uploaded on September 2, 2012

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