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The Name's Mr One and i'm a video game fan since back in 90's and 2000's, I stop playing these games until 2010's that i'm bored, well I heard that I found a software on my old computer, In the year 2014 I told my teen son to check these old CD games on the garage that I we have back then, I find my computer that I buy in 2000, So bringing it and cleaned I pressed to power up and made me nostalgia, in the computer I saw that there was a lot of old games that maybe I should play these and continue, My eyes then caught one software, Its a quiz game but its a Personality Quiz called Luigi Personality Quiz .

clicking on it lead me into a black blank screen until the logo shows the company indigo interactive, Then cuts to the title showing just dark green background with Luigi, I pressed Enter to begin the quiz and shows about the warnings "by pressing BEGIN, you acknowledge the possibility of organ failure, muscle spasms, and violent hallucinations." I pressed enter again and finally begins the quiz, It shows about whats your favorite color and I said green, another quiz is about the characters, my favorite is Luigi, the next quiz shows the question saying "Question 3: you are aware of the stranger breathing on your neck" I don't know but my choice is true, it cuts to a strange quiz telling "Question 4: Which of your vital organs are you most willing to donate?" It let me to choose what part of organ which made me chills instead I decide to choose the brain, cuts to fifth quiz saying "listen closely, who's voice is the loudest?" Mario says lets a go and Bowser says HaHa, then out of reason Luigi pop up and yells, I covered my hears and it stops, What was that?! Maybe I choose Luigi Again like the 2nd quiz, The 6th quiz is to pick what princess was my favorite, that brown hair princess was daisy, yeah I like her since super Mario land on the Game boy, then the screen turns black and the princess look very creepy and distorted, Then cuts to the 7th quiz said" Question 7: How do you trend to react when someone disagrees with your opinion?" I said on "with sincerity" until it shows the next 8th quiz to tell" Question 8: mash space" it shows a room were a door was closing, the background have a toy clown swing up and down, Luigi came out of nowhere and I hurry up, I try my best to press space to mash, Its going to break my keyboard, the screen cuts to black screen showing very realistic eyes wiggling, Cuts to Normal screen, It was loading to Measuring heart rate until it shows my Personality, " DIAGNOSIS, player thinks it is better than other people, player spends an alarming amount of time convincing itself of its own innocence, player knows it is not innocent" then a text appeared "Are you happy living like this?" then it ended and booted me to the menu, I was like so afraid that why did this appeared on my old computer? my son was out of the room next to the door saw me playing with the computer, I told him to go to your room, I asked my dad about that weird game I saw on my old computer, He reveals that he was shared by a owner of indigo interactive, He told him about the experiment of human behaviors, organs and even nightmares, Instead dad never give it back to the owner instead to the downloaded Quiz, I deleted the game were I never play it again, My son later told his friends about me playing a weird forgotten quiz game, well today I really missed playing games.

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