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It's been a few weeks since I had my traumatizing experience with Luigi Kart 1. For several days after the incident I had terrible nightmares involving Luigi Kart and other racers from the game in general. The nightmares were so bad that I was unable to sleep for several nights straight. During one sleepless night I decided to play a childhood favorite, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, to see if that would take my mind off of this misery. But I stopped when the first course I raced on was Luigi Circuit. I just couldn't look at Luigi the same way ever again. My life at work worsened too. I wold often break out into uncontrollable tears and rage at random points in the day. That forsaken bloody banana with the note from Donkey Kong attached to it just won't leave my head. That, and the threats made against my mother have made made my life a living hell these past few weeks.

"Donkey Kong isn't real. He can't hurt you. Right?" These are questions I keep asking my therapist. He says he doesn't know the answer, but he thinks it has something to do with the fact that I'm not really me anymore.

"Are ghosts real?" I remember asking him. His answer shocked me. "Yes. Ghosts are as real as you or me." I don't know what to think now. If ghosts are real, then what about my nightmares? And what about that banana? It was real. Right? Whatever, I just need to take my mind off of these bizarre events.

"What about playing a video game?" my therapist suggested. "They have these new VR games that let you enter a world through your computer and control the characters there." I rejected it immediately. Another idea he had was for me to go take a hike out in Summerville National Park. As a kid, I used to go hiking and camping with my family all the time. I love the outdoors and I think it would do me some good to clear my head.

The next morning I put on my work suit and headed out to the rocky trails of Summerville. I wore the suit in case someone recognizes me from work. The hike was going great, as for the first time in weeks, I my mind cleared of those bad experiences. But I got bored half-way through due to the heat exhaustion, so I sat on a large rock and looked up at the clear blue sky, with only a few clouds. I started thinking about my recent experiences. "It's all in your head," I told myself. I pulled out my heavy backpack and dug through the contents to find some entertainment. What I saw inside surprised me. I found a black rectangular box with a post-it note attached to it. "Games to Try!" the note read. This must be the surprise gift my brother-in-law said he was going to get me. I opened the box and found a matte black DS inside. He knows the Nintendo DS means a lot to me, so I understand why he got me this. He thought it was very strange that I smashed it my old one to pieces, but I digress.

I tried out the games he suggested and they were all ridiculously easy shovelware crap. I'm no stranger to video games, but the ones he got me were meant for children. The last game in the box was a pitch black cartridge with the words "Super Mario Bros." written on it in red. That has to be a reference to the argument we got into over that stupid game last year at Thanksgiving. I plopped the game in, eager to play a quick game of the hit Super Mario Bros. game. When I turned the system on, it turned on in an unusual way. The first screen consisted of a black screen with white lettering that read "Welcome to the Real Virtual World!!!" What the heck? That's not supposed to happen. After 6 seconds and a loading bar, the system goes into a passcode screen. I tried every combination of numbers, letters, and symbols that I could think of, but no luck. Why would Super Mario Bros. need a freaking passcode in order to play it? What is this, the US government? After several minutes I was about to give up, until the code typed itself.


My heart dropped upon seeing this. My hands shook as the next screen loaded. The title screen of the game. "Luigi Kart 2" it read in big bold letters. I started sweating profusely as the letters started to disappear from the screen. I heard someone call my name, and I looked behind me. It was a woman. She had long black hair but oddly, I couldn't make out any facial features. It was almost if she was wearing a hooded black cloak, but that was impossible. I took a step backwards, scared to my core. "Jacob, is that you?" The woman called out to me. My full name. I closed the DS and shoved it back in my backpack, then I took off running. I didn't want to run down the trail, because that would make it too easy to find me. So I booked it off the beaten path and jogged through the dense wilderness. The trees made so much noise and I have no idea why. It was almost as if they were whispering in their own language.

The sun was setting by the time I stopped. My legs felt like jelly and my chest hurt. I looked around me. Nothing but trees for miles. I have no idea where I'm at, but thankfully there was no sign of the strange woman. I placed my back up against a pine tree and dug through my backpack. That's when I remembered the game. Luigi Kart 2. I took the DS out and stared at it. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" I cried. A zombie-like laugh came from the DS, then the next screen appeared. It was a cutscene of some sorts, because none of the buttons did anything. Luigi was driving in his green car down the infamous GBA Luigi Circuit level, but something was off. Luigi's face. His expression was frantic and his eyes were in a state of panic. "You don't want to go there." a disembodied voice said to Luigi.

Eventually Luigi made it so some parking lot, with no Mario in sight. There was a big sign that read "Luigi's Cafe." The words on the sign changed from English to an odd language I've never seen before. I was scared for myself and Luigi. A ghostly figure behind the Cafe counter was looking in Luigi's direction, but he never moved his head. "Follow that truck," the figure said to Luigi. Luigi then began to follow a black blob on the road that I guess was supposed to be the truck. "Ha ha ha...ha ha ha ha..." a zombie-like voice burst out laughing. Luigi's head peeked out from behind the wheel, his eyes were widening in fear. He couldn't have known what was going to happen to him. I looked down at the DS's touch screen. Blood... a lot of blood. Now the words had turned to large red letters. "I'm going to find you..." The DS began shaking. I saw a picture of a monster appear on the screen with a bunch of ghostly faces around it. The letters, once again, were changing to "Ha ha ha ha ha...." and blood mixed with tears. "Please...." the voices continued to yell. I couldn't take it anymore. It was like when I was little and my parents would get into an argument.

Back on the top screen, Luigi's little green kart accelerated into the black blob and he crashed. The screen cut to black, showing nothing but a bloody red banana with Luigi's cap next to it. "Little man, that's not how you play this game." white text read on the bottom screen. "THEN HOW DO I PLAY IT?" I frantically scream into the DS' microphone. "You want to save little man?" Dark, ghostly figures with bloody mouths appear in the DS' screen. Play it again." I had enough and chucked the DS against a pine tree. I took my foot and smashed the DS into tiny pieces. The DS, being made of plastic and such, was crushed instantly. The DS stopped working. But I couldn't calm down. I knew that they were watching me. I looked around me again. The sun was quickly fading, and the tree's dark leaves were so plentiful I could hardly see the sky. About 50 feet away from me I saw a large, dark figure peer its head from behind the tree before quickly retreating. I was paralyzed in fear. Where could I go? What could I do?

I heard a voice call out, "Little man, you played that game too well." The lights in the trees began to flicker on and off, with blood-stained lips shouting, "We're coming for you...!" I dropped my backpack, took off my shoes, and began darting through the pure darkness of endless forest. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a dark figure chasing me. It was hairy, dark brown, and had a red thing tied around its neck. I don't know, I had no time to look. Then, I tripped over a root and fell flat on my face. As I picked myself up, the creature was on me. Its hands were grabbing at my face, trying to rip it off. "Little man, if you don't want to play anymore, you better start running!" I closed my eyes as I struggled because I didn't want to face the demon that had been torturing me these past few weeks. It placed its hairy arm on my face and slowly peeled away pieces of skin. I started gagging as I felt blood filling my throat. When my mouth was filled with blood, I opened my eyes and started to see black spots of darkness. I thought I was going to die, until the mysterious woman from earlier came along.

"Little man, you've been a bad boy, haven't you?" I looked into her black eyes as she held up a hand with long, slender fingers tipped with blood-stained claws. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I cried. "Luigi's dead!" she whispered. "He's in my garden, where the children play." That's when the dark hairy creature lunged at her with a shriek. She swiveled her head around to spit a gory fang at it, and stabbed it through the heart. The creature roared and growled as it struggled to attack her. I took this opportunity to get up and run. I desperately ran through the trees before the woman and creature could chase me. I knew they were faster than me, so I did the only thing I could do. Run like hell.

Sooner or later I made it to a river, but it was strange. The river wasn't flowing with water. It was flowing with blood. It was gushing with crimson liquid. I looked around and screamed. The trees were covered with pitch black creatures. They had long white claws and red eyes, along with a bat wing, the tail of a scorpion and other things I couldn't even recognize. "Hello, little one." one of them spoke in a horribly disfigured voice. I fell to my knees and threw up in the river. As I did, black hands reached out from the blood and grabbed my head. They pulled me under, and I couldn't escape. That was the last thing I saw from that personal hell.

An unknown amount of time later, my eyes opened. I was tied to some torture instrument. But actually I wasn't, I was laying in a hospital bed. I couldn't move a muscle in my body. That's when the doctor came in and told me I had been found with my head and neck completely ripped off. My internal organs were on the ground next to me, and the blood had run out of my body and dried up. "How you survived is a miracle." he said with a shocked expression. "The woman... The ape..." I choked. "She saved your life. She brought you here and healed you. If it weren't for her, you wouldn't even be alive right now." I was too tired to argue, because I don't remember that. "Luigi... They killed him..." I croaked. The doctor seemed to be puzzled by this. "Who?" he asked. I didn't answer, because I had remembered the faces of those who were tormenting me.

"Oh yeah, we found this in your backpack." the doctor approached me with a yellow, blood stained item. It was a banana. "When you came in with the state of severe shock, we assumed you had been severely dehydrated. Turns out you had a banana in your backpack that was two weeks expired." The doctor stared at it for a bit before peeling it back. Inside was a red, bloody organ of some kind. The doctor dropped it in shock. I screamed. Not because of the banana, but because of the ape looking at me through the window.

"Goodnight, little man."

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