Luigi's revenge

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This is a story i must share beuase i am sudical right now.

Anyway let get on with the creepypasta!

the year was 2008 may 28th 2:36 pm and i was waking back from school and i was bored as fuck then i saw a super mario ad on the tv but it cost to much money!it cost about 60$ i was broke as fuck. so i went home sadly.when i opned the door i sadly closed it then i lo0cked it and then i ran to my room then a bright idea popped up in my head why not just look on ebay so i seacrhed up on ebay i found the same excact disk i wentd aka the super mario disk i noticed it was selling for 0.00 $ so i clicked on buy and order faster then a cheetah.i waited about 1 week and the the package finaly arrived when i opned the box the disk was scarcthed up and had a red ink DO NOT WATCH OR HE COME FOR YOU TO.,, i was made beuase the disk wiated for one week was porably broken so aginst all my anger i put the disk in my computer wanting to watch it the intro started off noramly but it was in g major and lots of static. then the esiode slector came of there was on one it was called luigis revnge this pooked me but i shurgged it off thinking it was a joke for the esipode Big mistake.the intro sarted off with loud ear raping static so i HAD to lower it.

it stated off with mario and luigi waking on a path mario said time to same peachh wahoo!luigi time to copy mairo but just tripped mario said luigi are youok .lugi said ......yes in a sad and depressing way like so sad even satan would cry.they keep on running and it staticly for 5 mins and then cutt them in the castle droping boswer in the lava and ssaving peach. everyone shouted horway mario saved to day again luigi walked a way sadly and went to his borhter and his house and cried in the bed crying sounded like real child with made me sad!mario opned the door and aked lugi what was wrong/he said ntohing it fine mario went down a mmaking a pizza pie luigi wrote in his diary once again that asshole mario took all the credit hthid will chnage today.thi confuseded me.mario say lugi the pizza is rerady come down lugi went down with a dark shawdo cvering his eye i can not see his eye he walk down solwy an he just sart down and loo at the pizz mario said lugi your not touching th e pizza are you always eat the pizz eight away are you sure your fine?mario asked cocnecly. lugigi then pulled out a knife and stabbed mario 15 time and and killed mario.i was like holy shit fuck this shit i am out.but then lugi then grabbed a gun and shot dasiy his girlfreind and killed peach toad and anyone else who never gave him credit.then he said your next.

i looked up the person who sold it to me but it said user does not exist.

now that shared this i am killing my self afer posting this goobye....

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