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In the grim darkness of the distant future, Linus Tech Tips finds itself barely recognizable as thousands of servers coat their buildings like a 2 meter thick layer of armor, shielding the world from the madman at its heart. Inside the asylum, a monument to the sins of Linus' technology addiction, he slaves away streaming 24/7 as he tries in vain to "save the universe" with server project after server project. His employees are wired directly into everything as little more than motherboards waiting to be dropped by Linus. As time goes by, Linus will himself finally become the master of the internet as he wires himself into his temple of tech tips, continually giving tips about tech so arcane that they are lost upon the ears of the masses. In the year 2025, Linus Tech Tips becomes unknowable, unrecognizable, feared, and worshipped.

He dies soon after

Credited to SevereEntertainer2 

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