Keemstar: The Truth

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You've heard of Keemstar before, right? That garden gnome who reports on the drama and gets roasted on Twitter? Well, we'd like to think that is what he is, but really, it goes much deeper than that. Here is what I know.

The Origins

In 2006, Keemstar lived a simple life of livestreaming, running (fast as fuck boi) and acting as though he was black, despite the fact that he was and still is a privileged White man/gnome. He would exclaim how much his friend Alex was a stupid African-American, he would dance with the skill and decency of a White dad, and occasionally he would display his contempt for what little fans he had. Nobody knew that Keemstar was a gnome at this time, although the signs were showing. Then, in 2012, he took a fatal trip to Gnome Village.

When he got to Gnome Village, he saw it being burned down. The drama was too much for Keemstar, who saw his mother being raped by his rat father, saw his friends arguing and saw his popcorn burning. He had to do something. So he ran into the village and began to organise the gnomes into a team. They were going to report on the drama of the world. And they would be called the Drama Report Action Multiverse Amazing Anal Loving Eccentric Ratings Trap (D.R.A.M.A.A.L.E.R.T) Crew. Yes, that is where the name comes from.

The First Fight Against Keemstar

The gnome channel was launched several years later and became a success. However, Keemstar began to get greedy. He refused to give the other gnomes their cut of the money. And soon, they attacked him. In the attack, Keemstar lost his hair due to acid being thrown on top of him. However, Keemstar defeated the other gnomes, and they returned to Gnome Village. When they did, they were spiteful of Keemstar. And they wanted revenge.

The War With The Reptiles

So, the gnomes negotiated with the Reptilians, whose reign had begun. They made a deal on which the gnomes would protect the Reptilian gardens, in return for the Reptilian king, Lucifer Eafier (known as Leafy on the internet) to attack Keemstar with his army. Then, in 2015, the war began. The Reptilians vs Keemstar, with the Gnomes aiding the Reptiles. However, Keemstar had an army. Angry fanboys.

The Battle of Drama would be the deciding battle in the war, with both sides losing thousands. However, Keemstar was able to hold on, and claim victory. However, Keemstars reign would be short. Things were going to change.

The Fall Of The Gnome

For the next couple of months, Keemstar experienced a Golden Age of dominance. He had an army of fanboys, a massive garden that he could live in, and a life supply of popcorn. However, the fall of Keemstar was imminent. One by one, Keemstars allies began to betray him, and in June 2016, the final surprise attack made on Keemstar while he was not expecting it. Leafy attacked him, Pyrocynical attacked him and many others. This proved fatal for the DramaAlert Empire, and Keemstar was deposed as dictator of Drama. He went into hiding for a week, and then returned, accepting his place as a lowly gnome. While he would like to think that his Empire is the same, the truth is that it is simply a shell.

His Future Plans

However, don't think that he doesn't have a plan. Many are saying that the DramaAlert Empire will rise again, and when it does, we will be unprepared for the Gnome takeover that follows. Not only this, but due to Keemstar being 50% rat, he has found a recent ally in the Rat Empire. In fact, the two have collaborated in creating a brainwashing video. Here it is:

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