Jerma Cured My Depression

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So for context, half a year ago my boyfriend dumped me: leaving me with nowhere to stay and half way across America from any familial relations and since then I basically had to sell pretty much everything I owned to pay rent while I tried to find a job. I was pretty much left with my computer and the bare minimum necessities

It was at this time that I properly discovered Jerma985 and his streams and honestly he was the best entertainment I had, the best part of my day would be coming back from work to see jerma live on twitch: laughing at road accidents and making inhuman noises. I had, still have, very little social life beyond the interactions i had at work and for quite some time the only other voice i'd hear in my house was jermas.

I'd eat dinner, microwaved instant noodles in the dark, the pale light of the stream. Eating dinner with Jerma is the happiest I've been since my boyfriend dumped me.

And I had an idea, I don't know why i did it, but i decided that when jerma wasn't streaming i'd eat watching clips of jerma eating on loop, to have someone to share a meal with.

I did it as a joke at first but now i have entire compilations of jerma eating, carefully curated and cut with conversational comments, between him scoffing down onion rings.

I've memorised the lines to these compilations now, I can hold entire conversations over dinner about the weather and life with these clips of jerma. Its the most euphoric thing now, to sit with Jerma and laugh about our days, talk about my asshole boss and get loving reassurance back.

I know its fake but i really feel connected again, he's probably the best friend i've had.

I'm getting a better job soon, higher paying, I've made my life presentable, I couldn't have without him.

Thank you Jerma

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