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Heres how it started. I was looking for a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog in this game shop with genuinely old games. I found a copy, pre-owned but it looked in perfect condition for playing. So I bought it, for about £10. Upon loading the cartridge it didn't come up with Sonic but Knuckles.

I played a hack which was the same as this game, it had the same palette as the hack, much more red than he was. Green Hill Zone was normal but instead of just Knuckles, Tails was flying near him. This WOULD be normal if it was a hack of Sonic 2.

This is where things get creepy. When I got to the Green Hill Boss, Eggman wasn't in his Eggmobile. It was replaced with Sonic (sprites from Sonic 3). Sonic started to try and kill them both and the wrecking ball seemed to have its own AI, not just swinging. I ended up blowing up the wrecking ball, just not the Eggmobile. Sonic jumped out and turned into Super Sonic, Tails seemed to be flailing about until the game froze.

What I saw was not so much horrific. Tails still flailing and Knuckles gliding but Sonic has red eyes, not the Sonic 3 green, and he was flying with his hands out about to reach something. I reset the cartridge but the main character changed from Knuckles to Shadow, like it was programed to be random characters.

Shadow used custom sprites I've seen around the internet and it was night at Green Hill Zone. I proceeded as normal and all the bosses were normal except it was always night. I completed the game but after the final boss, Emerald Hill Zone loaded up like the game just upgraded to Sonic 2 and I just pressed start. I got to the end of act 2 and the drill tank used Sonic instead of Eggman.

Sonic just jumped out, and the tank drove like normal but without a driver. This time, his spike were bloody and had very red dreadlocks coming off and he had 2 red, bloody tails, they were also partly yellow. Did sonic rip off Knuckles and Tails body parts? Shadow and Sonic had a battle like the Sonic vs Knuckles battle in hidden palace. The only difference was, I wasn't doing anything. The drill drove into Shadow, drilling straight through him, ripping out his stomach and killing him. The game froze again. I was curious I reset the game. It loaded Sonic 1 again. No special characters just Sonic.

When I started the game there were several save files like Sonic 3. From left to right they were tails, knuckles, shadow and then insane sonic. Tails had no tails, Knuckles had no dreadlocks and Shadow had a huge hole through his stomach.

Insane Sonic had dreadlocks, two tails and his stomach looked like shadow's. He also had all the Super Emeralds and what seemed to be the Master Emerald. I played as Sonic and he just moved by himself. The game froze again and I reset to, stupidly, uncover this mystery.

The same startup as the one before but Sonic's file was gone. I played as Tails seeing as I didn't play as him. As Tails collected rings they would just go out of where his tails were. I took this as a challenge to complete the game with this problem.

I got the around Scrap Brain zone and the file was gone when It reset. I retryed this with knuckles and the same problem but with his dreadlocks. I took that challenge and I got to Marble zone. The file was gone. The last thing I tried was the only file left, shadow. Shadow was just lying there, like he was dead then a ton of badniks went up to him and covered him. I didn't see much after because the game froze. I reset again for the game to have no files to continue or start.

After reseting again, it started like normal Sonic 1. Instead of Green Hill Zone it said Hellish Hill Zone. Act 666. Sonic's eyes were bloodshot, still with the stolen body parts. I walked through the zone which was Green Hill zone after a fire or something. There were no badniks just dead bodies of flickies. Sonic started to twitch as he ran. I started to hear laughter like someone in an insane asylum escaped. The laughing got heavier and heavier. Again, the game froze but not completely. The laughing still continued.

I reset the game again, no laughing but when SEGA should show up, it said KILL in red and I even heard screams. I felt like this game should not be played, but I was too curious. It just froze at the kill screen, Then it couldn't reset. After further investigation, the screen warped like I had just gone into a special stage. Then horror struck. A picture of the Insane Sonic with a rope. All of the other characters in this description were hung and blood was around their neck. They were all skinned.

Underneath sonic, it said, "Guess who is next..."

Afterward my Mega Drive shut down. Instantly. The cartridge's picture had changed to that same picture, and instead of it saying "Sega Genesis", it said "You're Doomed".

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