In Defence of My Little Pony

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Lemme tell you this, what do you think of when I say "Great Animated Show" A few things might pop up in your mind like Steven Universe or Spongebob, well the greatest animated show of all time, and is probably the greatest show period is MLP. The characters are so deep and the stories span out generations for the past 30 years. The writing is the greatest of all time, never in the past 2,000 years have we had writing as good as this. Every single episode of this show is great, there are no bad episodes, every episode is exceptional! You might think there are other good shows like breaking bad, and if you think that any shows are better than MLP. Your opinion is wrong. I think that every single human being should be turned into a pony and follow the ways of friendship and magic. And get rid of that horrible stuff like "South Park," MLP is the best show bar none. The fanbase is also amazing, there has never been more artists creating so much great content and art that is the modern Picassos. If you dislike this show, I'm sorry but you are a racist sexist pig, and should be gassed and should be enforced the way of friendship! I will become the world leader and establish enforced friendship and enforced pony bodies. If you do not agree with me, I will have you get sent to the friendship camps that will teach you friendship wether you like it or not! This is more than a show, THIS IS A MOVEMENT! BROHOOF!

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