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Note: This happened to me on the Xbox edition of Minecraft

Herobrine's face that had taken over the screen

I loaded up my minecaft world file and came to my normal, boring, cobblestone house. I had nothing special, 2 blocks of gold, some iron picks, and a diamond pick. I decided to see if the rumors about Herobrine were true, so i built one of those herobrine shines, exept mini. nothing happened for a few minecraft days, but things got strange. As i was mining the next day (real day) diamond and gold ore started randomly apearing and disapearing. Then i was transported to a room covered in redstone torches. i was, to be honest, scared. so i turned off my consle and restarted the game. I decided i would mine in the nether, so i went through my portal. I was making a bridge to get across some lava so i could find some soul sand. i took a heart of damage out of nowhere and it didnt regenerate even though i was playing on peaceful. Then a picture of Herobrine popped up and went away in a matter of a second. I got really scared and didnt play on the world for a month or so. Then i went back on, this time with friends, and took down the shine.

The world is now all my friend's favorite, as we made many new structures and pixal art. Then, just a few days ago, my friend made a cobblestone generator. I had been trolling him and taking the activation switch. then he started thinking it was Herobrine so i made a complete "spawner". i had stopped trolling him, and his brother was gaurding the lever. It still disapeared. We made another lever and put it down. Then all of us were wacthing the lever, and we saw nothing. My friend told me to gaurd the lever as he and his brother went to find some food. I was standing gaurd, and i saw nothing. I decided i could check my inventory really quikly. i opened it up for a few second, closed it, and the lever was gone.

Credited to Borderhalofreak 

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